Shortbow Simple Weapon 5E

Ammunition: As per this dnd 5e item you can use a weapon which has the Ammunition property in order to make the ranged attack only that if you have an ammunition for firing from the weapon. Of course each time that you attack with a weapon, you shall expend one piece of ammunition. By drawing the ammunition from a quiver, case, or else some other container is a part of an attack. At an end of the battle, you can even recover half your expended ammunition. However simply by drawing the ammunition from a Quiver, case, or else some other container is part of the Attack.

At an end of the battle, that you can recover half your expended ammunition simply by taking a minute in order to search the battlefield.

Any way if you use the weapon which has an ammunition property to make the melee weapon attack, you do treat a weapon as an Improvised Weapon. However a sling should be loaded in order to deal any type of damage whenever you used in this type of way.

Attributes Of Shortbow Simple Weapon 5E

Damage TypePiercing
Item RarityStandard
Item TypeRanged Weapon
PropertiesAmmunition, Range, Two-Handed
SubtypeSimple, Bow

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