Word of Recall 5E Spell

As per this word of recall dnd spell you and also almost up to five willing creatures within 5 feet of you can instantly teleport to the previously designated sanctuary. You and also any type of creature which is teleport with you appear in a nearest unoccupied space for the spot which you have designated whenever you prepared your Sanctuary (you can see them below). How ever if you do cast this dnd 5e spell without first preparing the Sanctuary and then the spell does not have any effect. In any case you may also interested in plane shift dnd 5e.

Any how you must designate the sanctuary by normally casting this spell within a particular location, like the temple, dedicated to or else which is strongly linked to your deity. However if you do attempt for casting the spell in this particular manner in an area which is not dedicated to your deity, the spell has none of the Effects.

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Attributes Of Word of Recall 5E Spell

Casting Time1 action
NameWord of Recall
Range5 feet
TargetYou and up to five willing creatures within 5 feet of you

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