Wind Walk 5E Spell

In this wind walk dnd spell you and up to ten willing creatures that you are able to see within a particular range assumes a Gaseous Form for some duration, which is appearing as the wisps of cloud. But during in this cloud form, a creature has the flying speed of 300 feet and also it has resistance to the damage from the nonmagical weapons.

But the only actions a creature able to take in this particular form are the dash action or else to revert to its normal form. Actually, the reverting will take 1 minute, in the situation of which time a creature has been incapacitated and then it can not move. But until unless the spell ends, a creature could revert to the cloud form, which is also requires the 1-minute transformation.

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However if the creature is in the cloud form and it is also flying whenever the effect will end, the creature descends 60 feet per round for a minute until it lands, what it does in a safe mode. Suppose, if it can not land after a minute, then the creature would fall the remaining distance.

Attributes Of Wind Walk 5E Spell

Casting Time1 minute
ComponentsV S M
Duration8 hours
MaterialFire and holy water
NameWind Walk
Range30 feet
TargetYou and up to ten willing creatures you can see within range

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