Wild Cunning (UA) 5E Spell

1st-level transmutation (ritual)

Casting Time: 1 action
Range: 120 feet
Components: V, S
Duration: Instantaneous

You can call out for the sake of spirits of nature to be aid you. But whenever you cast this spell, you can select one of the below mentioned effects:

  • Suppose, if there are any kind of tracks which are on the ground within a specific range, you do know at where they are, and also you can make the wisdom (Survival) checks for following these type of tracks with an advantage for 1 hour or else until you may cast this spell once again.
  • Any way if there is an edible forage within a particular range, and you know about it and of course where to be find it.
  • Actually, if there is a clean drinking water within a range, that you know it and also wherever you find it.
  • If there is a shelter which is applicable to you and also your companions with a range, you do know it and of course where to be find it.
  • You can send the spirits to get back the wood for the sake of fire and to set up the campsite in an area by simply using all your supplies. Some spirits which build the fire in a particular circle of stones, put up tents, unroll bedrolls, and even put out any kind of rations and also the water for consumption.
  • This dnd spell can have the spirits instantly break down the campsite, which could include it by putting out the fire, taking down tents, packing up bags, and burying any rubbish.

Spell Lists: Druid, Ranger

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