Whirlwind 5E Spell

  • School: Evocation
  • Level: 7
  • Casting Time: 1 Action
  • Range: 300 feet
  • Duration: Concentration, up to 1 minute
  • Components: V, M (a piece of straw)
  • Save: strength, dexterity
  • Damage Type: bludgeoning
Here this whirlwind spell howls down for a specific point which you are able to see on a ground within a particular range. Usually, the whirlwind is a 10-foot-radius, 30-foot-high cylinder which is centered on that specific point. Until unless the spell ends, you can continue to use your action to move the whirlwind up to 30 feet in any direction along the ground. Usually, the whirlwind spell sucks up any Medium or smaller objects which are not secured for anything and those are not worn or else carried by anyone.
A creature should make a dexterity saving throw for the fist time on a specific turn which it enters the whirlwind or else enters its space, it is including whenever the whirlwind first appears. However a creature shall take 10d6 bludgeoning damage on a failed save, or else half as much damage on a successful one. In an addition, a large or even a smaller creature which fails a save should be succeeded on a Strength saving throw or else it become restrained in a whirlwind until unless end of this spell.
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Whenever a creature starts its turn which has been restrained by the whirlwind, the creature has been pulled 5 feet higher inside of it, unless until the creature is at the top position. Also a restrained creature shall move with the whirlwind and falls whenever the spell ends, unless until the creature has some of the means to stay aloft. Actually, a restrained creature could use an action for making the Strength or Dexterity check against to your spell save DC. Suppose, it it is successful, the creature is no longer restrained by this whirlwind spell and it is hurled 3d6 x 10 feet away from it in a random direction.

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