Weird 5E Spell

So Drawing on the deepest fears of a particular group of creatures and also you create illusory creatures in their minds and even they only can see those illusory creatures.

Each creature within a 30-foot-radius sphere centered on a specific point of our choice within a range and it must make a wisdom saving throw. Any how on a failed save, a creature would become frightened for the duration.

Actually, the illusion calls on the creature’s deepest fears, manifesting its worst nightmares like an implacable threat. At the end of the turns of each and every frightened creature’s, it must be succeeded on a wisdom saving throw or else take 4d10 psychic damage. On a successful save, the spell ends for that creature.

Attributes Of Weird 5E Spell

Casting Time1 action
ComponentsV S
Damage TypePsychic
DurationUp to 1 minute
Range120 feet
TargetEach creature in a 30-foot-radius sphere centered on a point of your choice within range

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