Warding Wind 5E Spell

As per this Warding Wind spell a strongest wind (which is almost 20 miles per hour) blows around you in a 10-foot radius and also it moves with you, the remaining centered on you. Actually, the wind lasts for the spell’s specific duration.

Actually, the wind has some effects and they’re mentioned below:

  • It is normally deafens you and also the other creatures in its area.
  • It will extinguish the unprotected flames in its area which are torch-sized  or smaller.
  • The area is must be a difficult terrain for the creatures other than you.
  • Basically, the attack rolls of the ranged weapon attacks have disadvantage when if they pass in or out of the world.
  • I hedges out the vapor, gas and also fog which can be dispersed by the strong wind.

Attributes Of Warding Wind 5E Spell

Casting Time1 action
DurationConcentration, up to 10 minutes
ClassesBard, Druid, Sorcerer
NameWarding Wind

5E Warding Wind Uses

We hope the below most useful effects of 5e warding wind. Once read them now. If anything else to include in it then make sure to comment below. Let’s get started.

Basically, this warding wind spell 5e stirred the air within a radius of 10 feet (that means 3 meters) of the caster to spin in the violent wind and that violent wind has a speed of 20 miles (that means almost 32 km) per hour which has been lasted for up to 10 minutes, until the cater kept on concentrating.

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Normally, this wind was very much loud enough which is to render all of the verbal communication impossible within an affected area. Actually, it has extinguished unprotected flames in the area and even dissipated vapors, gases, and fog too.

Any creature but other than caster could only be traverse an area at the great difficulty, and projectile weapons those are crossing the wind would became extremely unreliable. This d&d 5e spell requires the verbal components.

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