Vicious Mockery 5E Spell

Hello spell practitioners of all shapes and sizes! Welcome to my spellbook and thank you so much for checking out the 43rd episode of our cantrip series. Today we’re going to be talking reading about  vicious mockery spell dnd 5e also known as death by insult and a couple of very fun names.

That being said, this spell is usable exclusively by the bard and through extension anyone else with access to their spell lists and it is found in the player’s handbook so everyone should have access to this spell and it’s pretty fun to use. Now let’s take a quick look at some mechanics here.


  • Level: Cantrip
  • Damage: 1st:1d4, 5th:2d4, 11th:3d4, 17th:4d4
  • Casting Time: 1 Action
  • Range/Area: 60 ft
  • Components: V
  • Duration: Instantaneous
  • School: Enchantment
  • Attack/Save: WIS Save
  • Damage/Effect: Psychic

Your damage die is a d4 which isn’t braked as a matter of fact it is the worst damage die out of all the cantrips. The cast time is one action, the range is 60 feet, the duration is instantaneous, the saving throw is wisdom.

The components are exclusively verbal. The school is enchantment and the damage type is psychic. So let’s take a quick look at the full description here. You’ll understand the spell is primarily used for flavor purposes but it also have uses outside of that. 


In this Vicious Mockery you actually unleash a string of an insult laced with subtle enchantments at the specific creature which you can able to see within a range. Perhaps, the target able to hear you (though it need not understand you), but it should be succeed on a wisdom saving throw or else take 1d4 psychic damage and also have disadvantage on the nest attack roll which it makes before its next turn ending.

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At Higher Levels:

Basically this Vicious Mockery 5E spell damage would be increase by 1d4 when you reach to 5th level then the damage would be 2d4, at 11th level (3d4), and at 17th level (4d4).

So a couple things in there firstly it has to be able to hear you implying it has to have ears so things like boozes aren’t really affected and i could make an argument for constructs and undead not being affected as well. The insult is laced with an enchantment. So there’s not necessarily an invocation you use but you do have to be able to speak.

So if you’re underwater or gay or in a position where they can’t hear you silenced or if they’re deaf enforce for example you can use has no effect. That being said, the disadvantage in this next attack is pretty good circumstantially. Now let’s take a quick look at some alternative uses here.

Alternative Uses

The best alternative use i can think of for this spell is the ability to kill somebody without attracting too much attention to you. What i mean by that is if during a bard for example on someone’s bad-mouthing you or your party or your sector to assassinate some you’ve been literally mock them to death and no would really trace it back to you at the very least to be very hard to prove it was you. Especially if that society doesn’t have any majors around. Outside of that i cannot think of a whole lot of uses for this spell. 

Attributes Of Vicious Mockery DnD

Casting Time1 action
Damage TypePsychic
NameVicious Mockery
Range60 feet
TargetA creature you can see and that can hear you within range

That being said, if you have any cool stories involving vicious mockery or if you have any insult ideas actually, feel free to comment them down below, i would really appreciate it and so would everyone else reading this article. That being said, i hope you all have a great day and as always happy casting everyone.

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