True Polymorph 5E Spell

You have to chose one of the creatures or nonmagical objects which you can see within a range. Actually, you do transform the creature into the different creature, the creature into a specific object, or even an object into a creature (the object must be neither worn nor carried by any another creature). Actually, the transformation lasts for the specific duration, or else until a target drops to 0 hit points or it dies. Any how if you concentrate on this True Polymorph 5E Spell for full duration and the transformation will become permanent.

No Shapechangers are affected by this spell. Basically, an unwilling creature can make a wisdom saving throw and by the way if it will succeed then it is not affected by this spell. This d&d 5e spell can not affect a target which has 0 hit points.

Creature into Creature:

If you make to change a creature into an another kinds of creature and also the new form can be any kind that you chose whose challenge rating is equal to or even less than the target’s (otherwise its level, if the target doesn’t have a challenge rating). The target’s game statistics, also includes the mental ability scores and are replaced by the statistics of a new form. Actually, it retains it alignment and personality too.

The target will assume some of the hit points of its new form and of course whenever it reverts to its normal form, the creature will return to number of hit points that it actually had before it was transformed. Whenever if it reverts like a result of dropping to minimum that means 0 hit points, but any excess damage carries over to its normal form. So as long as the excess damage can not reduce creature’s normal form to 0 hit points and it is not knocked unconscious.

Normally, the creature has been limited in some actions that it can perform by the nature of its new form. Probably, it can not speak, can not cast spells, or even it can not take any other possible actions which fundamentally requires the hands or speech unless until its new form is able to do such type of actions.

So, the target’s gear melds into a new form. Mostly, the creature can not be active, use, wield, or otherwise benefits from any of its equipment.

Object into Creature:

Being a True Polymorph 5e spell, you can easily turn an object into any type of creature, but it is possible as long as that specific creature’s size is not longer than the object’s size and also the creature’s challenge rating is 9 or even lower. So the creature is more friendly to you and also your companions. It can act on each and every turns of you. You must decide what action it normally takes and how it moves. Basically, the DM has the creature’s statistics and also resolves all of its actions and even movement too.

Whenever if this spell would become permanent, then you no longer control the creature. So it might remain to be friendly to you, but mostly of the time depends on how you treated it.

Creature into Object:

Whenever you turn a creature into an object and it transforms along by whatever it has been wearing and carrying into that particular form. Basically, the creature’s statistics would become those of that object, and also the creature has no memory of time that spent in this form, but after the spell ends and also it returns to its normal form.

Attributes Of True Polymorph 5E Spell

Casting Time1 action
ClassesBard, Warlock, Wizard
ComponentsV S M
DurationUp to 1 hour
MaterialA drop of mercury, a dollop of gum arabic, and a wisp of smoke
NameTrue Polymorph
Range30 feet
TargetOne creature or nonmagical object that you see within range

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