Toll The Dead 5e Spell

Hello spell practitioners of all shapes and sizes! welcome to my spellbook and thank you so much for checking out the 41st episode of our cantrip series may i introduce to you the toll the dead cantrip which is very cool thematically as well as damage wise very nice spell.

It is usable by the cleric, warlock and the wizard and naturally through extension anyone else have access to their spell lists and it is found in the xanathar’s guide to everything book which is a must-have in all honesty provides a ton of great content. Let’s take a look at some mechanics for this spell.


  • No damage: At 1st level: 1d8, 5th: 2d8, 11th: 3d8, 17th: 4d8….etc
  • Damage: At 1st level: 1d12, 5th: 2d12, 11th: 3d12, 17th: 4d12…..etc
  • Casting Time: 1 Action
  • Range: 60 ft
  • Duration: Instantaneous
  • Saving throws: WIS
  • Components: Somatic and Verbal
  • School: Necromancy
  • Damage Type: Necrotic

So there’s two ways to deal damage or 2 damage die rather a d8 and a d12. The d8 will be used if the target has not taken damage and the d12 will be used at the target has taken damage. Starting up with one of each and you get an additional at 5th, 11th and 17th level or a grand total of 4d8 assuming it hasn’t taken damage and 4d12 assuming it has.

The cast time is one action and the range is a decent 60 feet, the duration is instantaneous, the saving throw is wisdom. The components are somatic and verbal. Meaning you have to gesture with one hand and speaking an incantation.

The school is necromancy and the damage type is necrotic which make sense when you think about it. Now let’s take a look at the full description just to make sure we are on the same page and for inspiration regarding the flavor of this spell.


In Toll The Dead 5e Spell you do point at one creature which you can see within a range and also the sound of a dolorous bell fills the air around it for a specific moment. But make sure the target should succeed on a wisdom saving throw or else take 1d8 necrotic damage. Suppose, if the target is missing any of its hit points and then it instead takes 1d12 necrotic damage.

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At Higher Levels:

dnd 5e Toll The Dead Spell damage would increase by one die. Here you can see the damages for each level; whenever you reach 5th level (the damage is 2d8 or 2d12), at 11th level (3d8 or 3d12), and at 17th level (4d8 or 4d12).

All right! so quite a decent amount to unpack there, first and foremost it’d be worth mentioning it that only one target can hear the sound at a time. So it kind of appears within their head, it’s not so much a sound has actually heard on battlefield. Now let’s take a look at some alternative uses.

The Best Alternative Uses Of Toll The Dead

Actually, the perfect way using this outside of the combat is might be substantiate the existence and also the power of your deity. Whenever somebody does argument with you or somebody has opposite believe attempts for making you changes any of your ways then you are easily cast this cantrip and of course it acts as though by using his power directly which is coming from your patron. But for all of this stuff it needs Dungeon Master approval.

Attributes Of Toll The Dead DnD 5E Spell

Casting Time1 action
Range60 feet
ComponentsV, S
ClassesCleric, Warlock, Wizard
D&D 5E Toll The Dead VS Sacred Flame

Among these two dnd spells such as toll the dead and sacred flame there is a major difference which is beside what you’ve listed was sacred flame could deal a radiant damage vs toll the dead which is dealing Necrotic damage, which could almost be relevant to it.

So, aside from that one and only difference is PC flavor. But you must remember that if you are the death domain cleric then a toll of the dead is FAR more stronger, since the reaper could permit any of the targeting two creatures.

Any how the toll the dead is better on an average, but the sacred flame is almost less resisted and also a lot of boss monsters which are having high WIS and low DEX, of course they are really depends upon what you make to run into.

So, on an average most of the players would like to go for toll the dead, but of course the margin is not really that much huge. Finally, the toll the dead is much stronger but many of the cleric players would like to pick sacred flame for a pure flavor.

Eldritch Blast vs Toll of the Dead

Overview of Eldritch Blast:

  • It has ability to crit.
  • It is actually more consistent cantrip damage since it is not to be all or else nothing.
  • You are already have some plenty of spells which are targetting the wisdom like a bard, so one which goes to be against to AC diversifies your any kind of attack options.
  • It able to gain an advantage on the roll.
  • Some of the things would resist or are immune to be a necrotic, but of course virtually nothing resists to be immune for forcing.
  • It also can separate the attacks for some different creatures.

Overview of Toll of the Dead:

  • It basically has  higher base damage like a d12 (it actually an easy to condition for meeting, so that it should always be a d12 outside to the edge case)
  • Normally, the wisdom is usually a better stat for targeting than AC.
  • It is more flavorful
  • All or else nothing for the specific damage whereas EB is most consistent
  • It is rolling a fun d12
  • It is unaffected by the disadvantage conditions to make an attack
  • it ignores the cover.

Outside of that i’m not too sure of a lot of effective uses for it. If you have any ideas, or if you have any cool stories about this spell i would love to hear them down in the comments below and so would everyone else checking this article would as well. With that in mind i hope you all have a great day and as always happy casting. 

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