Teleport 5E Spells

This teleport 5e spell instantly transports you and even up to eight willing creatures of your choice which you can see within a specific range, or else a single object which you can see within a range, for a particular destination that you select. But if you ever target an object, then it should be capable to fit entirely inside a 10-foot cube, and even it can not be held or even carried by an unwilling creature.

Whatever the destination you chose must be familiar and known to you, and of course it must be on a same plane of existence like you. Your familiarity with your destination determines whether you actually arrive successfully up to there. The dungeon master rolls d100 and then approach the below provided table.

FamiliarityMishap Similar AreaOff TargetOn Target
Permanent circle---01-100
Associated object---01-100
Very familiar01-0506-1314-2425-100
Seen casually01-3334-4344-5354-100
Viewed once01-4344-5354-7374-100
False destination01-5051-100--

Familiarity: Here a “permanent circle” would mean by a permanent teleportation circle those who sigil sequence you actually know about. Also an “Associated object” would mean which you possess an object which has taken from the desired destination within a last six months, like a book from one of the wizard’s libraries, bed linen from the royal suite, or else the chunk of marble from a lich’s secret tomb.

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“Very Familiar” is one of the places that you’ve been very frequently, and also a place that you’ve carefully studied, or else a place that you can see whenever you cast the spell.

“Seen Casually” is some places that you’ve seen more than once but even with which you’re not much familiar.

“Viewed Once” is a kind of place that you’ve seen once and possibly using magic.

The “Description” is one of place whose location and also the appearance that you know through someone else description, probably from the map.

“False Description” is a place which does not even exist. Most probably you have tried to be scary an enemy’s sanctum but instead viewed an illusion, or else you’re attempting to the teleport for a familiar location which has no longer been exists.

On Target: Basically, you and also your group (or else the target object) would appear wherever you would like to go.

Off Target: Normally, you and even your group (or the target object) would be appeared a random distance away from the destination in some of the random directions. The distance off target is 1d10 x 1d10 % of a distance which was to be travelled. For an instance, If you tried to travel up to 120 miles, landed off the target, and even rolled a 5 and 3 on the two d10s, and then you will be off target by a 15% or else 18 miles.

Actually, the DM would determine the direction off target randomly by rolling a d8 and designating 1 like north, 2 like north-east, 3 like east…and so on around the points of the compass. But if you’re teleporting to the coastal city and then wound up 18 miles out at sea that means you could be in trouble.

Similar Area: You and also your group (or the target object) wind up in a varied area that’s visually or thematically much similar to the targeted area. Sometimes, if you’re heading for your home laboratory, for an instance, you might be wind up in an another wizard’s laboratory or else in an alchemical supply shop which has many of same kind of tools and even implements like your laboratory.

Normally, you would appear in the closest similar place, but even the spell has no range limit since then, you could conceivably wind up anywhere on a plane.

Mishap: Basically, the 5e teleport spell’s unpredictable magic results in some of its difficult journey’s. Each of its teleporting creature (or else the target object) would take 3d10 force damage and also the DM rerolls on the table to be seen where you’ve wound up (multiple Mishaps can occur, dealing the damage each time).

Attributes Of D&D 5E Teleport

Casting Time1 action
ClassesBard, Sorcerer, Wizard
Range10 feet
TargetYou and up to eight willing creatures that you can see within range, or a single object that you can see within range

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