Sacred Flame 5E Spell

We have played many times with the sacred flame 5e spell and we got much more excitement than ever before. The attributes of this spell designed very well and they’re much helpful and they are mandatory too.

If you are looking for this spell and wanna know what is d&d 5e spell sacred flame then check out this article, it has more information about this dnd spell. So check out now.

Overview Of D&D 5E Sacred Flame Spell

A flame-like the radiance descends on a particular creature which you can see with in a range. Basically, the target must succeed on a dexterity saving throw or it should take 1d8 radiant damage. But for this saving throw the target would get no benefit from cover.

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The d&d 5e sacred flame spell’s damage do increases by 1d8 whenever you reach 5th level (2d8), at the 11th level (3d8) and at the 17th level (4d8).

Attributes Of Sacred Flame

We have given a table about the attributes of sacred flame, you must check them now.

Casting Time1 action
ComponentsV S
Damage TypeRadiant
NameSacred Flame
Range60 feet
TargetA creature that you can see within range
Sacred Flame 5e

An Expert Review On Sacred Flame DnD Spell
  • The sacred flame dnd spell is a prayer similar, but of course its not identical, to the lance of faith. Basically, it is cast by the clerics, primarily by devoted clerics.
  • Actually, when this sacred flame is cast the cleric invokes divine power.
  • It also  casting a beam of light too from the heavens into the flesh of a creature within the distance of 25 feet.
  • Also injuring them to a degree which is largely dependent on how focused and also perspective the clerics casting the prayer is.
  • So, by the resulting blast will allow the cleric for granting a boost in the form of courage and health to the one ally within their sight to the degree which is partially dependent on the cleric’s charisma and partially dependent how cleric is experienced.
  • Finally, the sacred flame is one of the vital basic sacred prayers known an it can be cast at will too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is sacred flame a cantrip?

A: The sacred flame 5e spell is an evocation cantrip which is available to clerics.

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