Ray of Sickness 5E Spell

Hello magic casters of all shapes and sizes! Welcome to my spellbook and thank you so much for checking out the 60th episode of our first level dnd 5e spells series, which is pretty impressive when i actually think about it awesome!

Today we’re going to be taking a look at dnd 5e ray of sickness spell which is one of the coolest sounding names you’ve covered so far and to be honest i really like this one. It is usable by the sorcerer and the wizard and it is found in the players handbook. Read more about 5e ray of enfeeblement With that hyped-up intro out of the way let’s take a look at it’s mechanics.


So your damage is 2d8+an additional d8 per slot level above first which is pretty good. The effect at a glance is as followed: After a hit on a failed CON save the target is poisoned until the end of your next turn, which is really cool.

  • Level: 1st
  • Damage: 2d8(+1d8 per slot above 1st)
  • Casting Time: 1 Action
  • Range/Area: 60 ft
  • Components: V, S
  • Duration: Instantaneous
  • School: Necromancy
  • Attack/Save: CON Save
  • Damage/Effect: Poison
  • Spell Lists: Sorcerer, Wizard

The cast time is one action, the range is 60ft, the duration is instantaneous, the saving throw once again is a constitution. Please do check out our latest article on ray of frost 5e.

The components are somatic and verbal meaning you have to gesture with one hand and speak forth an incantation. The school is necromancy and a damage type disappointingly is poison.

We all got beef with this damage type but yeah i mean it does a lot of damage so there is that a cast but. Also take a look at this article called healing word dnd 5e. In any case let’s take a look at its full description.


Normally, in this ray of sickness 5e spell a ray of sickening greenish energy could be lashes out towards the creature which is within a range. By simply making a ranged spell attack against to the target. On a specific hit, the target can take 2d8 poison damage and also it must make the Constitution saving throw. initially, on a failed save, it is poisoned until unless the end of your next turn. You may also interested in dnd 5e blinded.

Which is pretty cool in case you don’t know what poison does or the condition does its disadvantage on attack rolls and ability checks. So basically they get disadvantage on the entire next turn which needless to say an be quite valuable based on the current status of team.

I really like this one, i think it does a good job of setting other characters up but it really kind of comes down to initiative order when it comes to getting  more bang for your buck. However you may also like to read false life 5e.

But i really liked it basically for a full round he rolls disadvantaged on everything. Which is good stuff, assuming he feels like constitution save when there’s ways to hedge your bags towards that direction so i just think it’s good. In terms of alternative uses. You may also like to read about mass healing word 5e spell

At Higher Levels: Whenever you cast this spell by using the spell slot of 2nd level or else more than 2nd level, the damage also increases by 1d8 for each and every slot level above the 1st.

Alternative Uses

Now i really struggled with this because the way this spell is worded if you can’t target anything other than the creature and it’s just quite simply an attack spell you know. I like it don’t get me wrong but there’s not a whole lot of flexibility in terms of what it can and cannot do so i’m not really able to offer any insights so i am sorry about that. You can also visit our article toll the dead 5e.


That being said, if you have any ideas i’d be more than happy to hear them down beneath in the comment section i just can’t think of any right now. Haven’t you visited our scorching ray dnd 5e yet then take a look at it now. That being said, thank you so much guys i really appreciate it, i hope you all have a wonderful day and as always happy casting everyone.

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