Project Image 5E Spell

You do create an illusory copy of yourself which generally lasts for a specific duration. However the copy can also appear at any location within a particular range which you have seen before, of course regardless of intervening the obstacles. Mainly here the illusion seems and sounds as you but it is intangible. If an illusion takes any damage and then it appears, finally the spell ends.

As per this dnd 5e project image you are able to use your action in order to move this illusion up to twice the speed of yours, and also make it gesture, speak, and even it behave in whatever the way you do select. It also mimics your mannerisms in a prefect way.

You can even see via its eyes and also hear via its ears like if you’re in its occupied space. However on your particular turn like a bonus action, you could easily switch from using its senses to using your own, or even back again. Suppose, at the time you’re using its senses, you are always being blinded and deafened in the regard of your own surroundings.

Its physical interaction with an image shall reveal it for being an illusion, just because things could pass through it. Of course the creature which uses its action for examining the image can be determined which it is an illusion with the successful intelligence (Investigation) check against to your spell save DC.

Suppose, if a creature shall be discern the illusion for whatever it is, the creature could see through an image and any noise that it makes sounds hollow to the creature.


Casting Time1 action
ClassesBard, Wizard
DurationUp to 1 day
MaterialA small replica of you made from materials worth at least 5 gp
NameProject Image
Range500 miles
TargetAny location within range that you have seen before

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