Programmed Illusion 5E Spell

As per this 5e spell you do make an illusion of an object, a creature, or even some other visible phenomenon within the range which activates whenever a particular condition occur. Probably the illusion has been an imperceptible until then. Of course it should be not larger than the 30-foot cube, and of course you do decide whenever you cast the spell how an illusion behaves and also what sounds it makes even better.

This scripted performance can be last up to 5 minutes. Whenever the condition you specify occurs, However the illusion springs into an existence and also it performs in a best manner that you described. Once an illusion finishes performing, then it would disappear and also remain dormant for about ten minutes. So after it finishes this time, the illusion could be activated again afterwards.

Also the triggering condition could be as the general or as detailed as you like, even though it should be based on a visual or audible conditions which occur within 30 feet of an area. Here we take for an instance, you could easily create an illusion of yourself for being appeared and also warn off the others those who attempt to open the trapped door, or else you can even set an illusion for trigger only whenever a creature says the correct phrase or word.

Here the physical interaction with an image may reveal it to be an illusion, just because things can pass via it. Of course the creature which actually uses its action for examining an image could determine which it is an illusion with the successful Intelligence (Investigation) check against to your spell save DC.

Suppose, if a creature discerns an illusion for what it is, then the creature is able to see via an image, and also any kind of noise that it makes sounds hollow to the creature.


Casting Time1 action
ClassesBard, Wizard
ComponentsV S M
DurationUntil dispelled
MaterialA bit of fleece and jade dust worth at least 25 gp
NameProgrammed Illusion
Range120 feet
TargetSee text

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