Produce Flame 5E Spell

Hello magic practitioners of all shapes and sizes! Welcome to dndtopics and thank you for checking out the 29th episode of our cantrip series. Today we’re going to be looking at produce flame spell 5e. This fiery spell is usable only by the druid and anyone have access to their spell lists for you magic initiate out there.

It is found in the players handbook so everyone should have access to it. After you completed this article you can read control flames 5e too. Let’s take a quick look at some of the mechanics here. In any case if you’ve missed out to check our dnd 5e spells official list then please go and check the page it has lot more content there.


  • Level: Cantrip
  • Casting Time: 1 Action
  • Range/Area: Self
  • Components: V,S
  • Duration: 10 Minutes
  • School: Conjuration
  • Attack/Save: Ranged
  • Damage/Effect: Fire

Your damage die will be a d8 so pretty decent. at first level is just one making additional when at 5th, 11th, and 17th level. For a grand total of 4d8. The cast time is one action, the range is self, the duration is an impressive 10 minutes, the saving throw is ranged versus the targets AC.

The components are somatic and verbal meaning you have to gesture as well speak forth incantation. The school is conjuration and the damage type unsurprisingly is fire. Well let’s take a quick look at the full description so we’re all kind of know what to get thematically out of thing thing. Take a quick look at burning hands dnd 5e.


In this Produce Flame 5E one of the flickering flame do appear in your hand. The flame would remain there for a specific duration and even harms neither to you nor to your equipment. The flame would shed brighter light within a 10 foot radius and in dim light for an additional 10 feet. Actually, the spell ends if you dismiss it like an action or else if you will cast this spell once again. Have you ever read about tree stride 5e

You can even also attack by the flame, although doing so ends the dnd Produce Flame spell. But whenever you cast this spell or else like an action on a next turn and you can hurl the flame at a creature within a distance of 30 feet from you. Make a ranged spell attack. So, on a hit, the target will take 1d8 fire damage. Also make sure not to miss thorn whip 5e now.

At Higher Levels:

This spell’s damage actually increases by 1d8 whenever you reach 5th level the damage increases by 2d8, at 11th level 3d8 and at 17th level the damage will be 4d8. You can check out the guidance 5e spell too.

So pretty cool! this essentially replaces the need for torches almost entirely does decent damage as well. The range of 30 feet well it’s not great is certain not bad. That being said, let’s take a look at a couple alternative uses here. Are you curious to know about sacred flame 5e then why late lets click on the link.

Alternative Uses

So although it says that you can only target a creature with this spell. I would make the argument that well the flame is in your hand you can do whatever you like with it. So that includes lighting campfires, lighting torches as you’re working your way down a dungeons. So you don’t get lost and all the sneaks up behind you or burning down a potential building should you need to. Do not miss this resistance 5e if you haven’t checked it yet!

Attributes Of DnD 5E Produce Flame

Casting Time1 action
ComponentsV S
Damage TypeFire
Duration10 minutes
NameProduce Flame
Spell AttackRanged
TargetSelf or a creature within 30 feet of you

That being said, it’s one those common fire cantrips overall so the alternative uses aren’t crazy there’s nothing really what the wording of this spell lets you take advantage of it’s usually. That being said, i might be wrong, if i’m or if you have any other alternative uses or any cool stories about this spell put it down in the comments below i’d really appreciate it. Please also do check out the continual flame 5e. That being said, i hope everyone has a great day and as always happy casting.

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