Nystul’s Magic Aura 5E Spell


Level: 2
Casting time: 1 Action
Range: Touch
Components: V, S, M (a small square of silk)
Duration: 24 hours

You do place an illusion on a particular creature or else an object which you have chance to touch so that divination spells would reveal false information about this. Of course the target could be a willing creature or else an object which is not being carried or even it is worn by another creature.

Whenever you cast this spell, you have a chance to select one or both of the below mentioned effects. Mainly the effect lasts for a specific duration. If you do cast this spell on a similar creature or else an object every day for almost 30 days, placing similar effect on it each time, of course the illusion could last unless until it has been dispelled.

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False Aura:

You do change the way the target would be appeared to the spells and also to the magical effects, like the detect magic, which could detect magical auras. Of course you can easily make the non magical object can be appeared as magical and also a magical object would be appeared as nonmagical, or change some object’s magical aura so that it will appear to belongs to a particular school of magic which you would select.

Whenever you use this effect on an object that you can make the false magic could be apparent to any type of creature which can handle the item.


You have a chance to change the way of a target that appears to spells and also to the magical effects which detect the creature types, like the paladin’s Divine Sense or else the trigger of a symbol spell. You can select a creature type and also other spells and the magical effects treat the target as if it was a creature of that type or of that alignment.

This dnd Nystul’s Magic Aura 5E Spell is available in the 263rd page of Players Handbook.

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