Mirror Image 5E Spell

2nd-level illusion

Casting Time: 1 action
Range: Self
Components: V, S
Duration: 1 minute

In this mirror image dnd 5e spell three illusory duplicates of yourself would be appeared in your space. But unless untill end of this spell, the duplicates would be moved with you and also mimic your actions, even though by shifting position that’s why it is impossible for being tracking about which image is real. Even though you are able to use your action to dismiss some of the illusory duplicates.

Each and every time a creature will target you by using an attack during this spell’s duration, you need to roll the d20 for determining whether an attack instead of the targets one of your duplicates.

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Suppose, if you’ve three duplicates, you should roll the 6 or else higher for changing the attack’s target to the duplicate. By two duplicates, you should roll an 8 or else higher.

Actually, one duplicate’s AC could be equal to 10 + your Dexterity modifier. Suppose, if the attack hits the duplicate then the duplicate would be destroyed. Actually, a duplicate could be destroyed simply by an attack which hits it. it is normally ignore all of other damage and also even effects. Normally, the spell will be end whenever all other three duplicates were destroyed.

Of course a creature has been unaffected by this specific spell if it can not be seen, suppose, if it relies on the senses other than the sight, like the blindsight, or else if it can be perceive illusions like false, as with the truesight.

Spell Lists: Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard

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