Mirage Arcane 5E Spell

As per this Mirage Arcane 5E Spell you can easily make the terrain in an area almost up to 1 mile square look, sound, smell, and also even feel like some other sort of the terrain. All the terrain’s general shape remains the same, however.

You can open the fields or else a road could be made to resemble the swamp, hill, crevasse, or some other difficult or impassable terrain. Usually, a pond could be made up of to seem like the grassy meadow, a precipice like a gentle slope, or a rock-strewn gully like a wide and smooth road.

In the same way, you can also alter the Appearance of the structures, or else add them wherever none of them are present. Of course the spell does not disguise, conceal, or add creatures.

Anyway the illusion includes the audible, visual, tactile, and even the olfactory elements, so it could be turn clear ground into a Difficult Terrain (or vice versa) or otherwise impede the Movement via an area. Any type of piece of an illusory terrain (such as a rock or stick) that has been removed from the spell’s area which disappears immediately.

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Of course the creatures with the Truesight is capable to see via the illusion for the terrain’s true form, however, all of the other elements of an illusion remain, so while a creature is aware of some illusion’s presence, the creature could still physically interact with an illusion.

Attributes Of Mirage Arcane 5E Spell
Casting Time10 minutes
ClassesBard, Druid, Wizard
ComponentsV S
Duration10 days
NameMirage Arcane
TargetTerrain in an area up to 1 mile square

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