Maze 5E Spell

In this d&d 5e maze spell you make to do banish a creature which you can see within a range into the labyrinthine Demiplane. Actually, the target would remain there for a specific duration or even until it escapes the maze.

The target have a chance to use its action for attempting to escape. But whenever it does so, it will make a DC 20 Intelligence check. Any how, if it succeeds, and it escapes, and also the spell ends (a Minotaur or Goristro demon automatically succeeds).

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Whenever the end of this spell, the target would reappear in the space it left or, if that space has been occupied, in a nearest occupied space.

Attributes Of Maze 5E Spell

Casting Time1 action
ComponentsV S
DurationUp to 10 minutes
Range60 feet
TargetA creature that you can see within range

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