Magic Stone 5E Spell

Hello there magic casters of all shapes and sizes. Welcome to the 21st episode of our cantrip series, may i introduce to you magic stone usable by the Druid, Warlock and found in the fantastic Elemental Evil Player’s Companion. We have mentioned all of the official spells in one place you can check them from here. Let’s take a look at some of the mechanics here first.


  • Level: Cantrip
  • Casting Time: 1 Bonus Action
  • Range/Area: Touch
  • Components: V, S
  • Duration: 1 Minute
  • School: Transmutation
  • Attack/Save: Ranged
  • Damage/Effect: Bludgeoning 

The casting time is surprisingly and too fantastically just one bonus action, the range is touch, the duration is one minute and the effect is imbue three pebbles with magic as a result they each game 1d6 plus your magic modifier and magic/bludgeoning damage. They can be thrown or used as a weapon. The components are somatic and verbal. The school is transmutation. Now let’s take a look at the full description.


As a Magic Stone 5E Spell you do touch almost one to three pebbles and even imbue them with the magic. Actually, you or someone else can able to make a ranged spell attack by one of the pebbles by throwing it or else hurting it with a sling. But, if thrown then it has a range of 60 feet.

Did you know about Antilife shell 5e uses

Suppose, if somebody else to attack with a pebble, which attacker adds your spellcasting ability modifier. Hit or miss, the spell then ends on the stone. But if you ever cast this d&d 5e magic stone spell again, then the spell ends early on any pebbles still affected by it.

Very very cool stuff here. I would just like to point out that this being a bonus action makes it absolutely fantastic and the fact you can give it to another party member makes it even better like it really is. It’s just a solid spell, very solvable.

Attributes Of Magic Stone

Casting Time1 bonus action
ComponentsV, S
Duration1 minute
ClassesDruid, Warlock
NameMagic Stone

Now let’s take a quick look at some alternative uses

Alternative uses

I’ve never played as a druid with this spell but my next druid i will definitely have to take it. Simple because you can actually share it with your party members. So if you’re in a situation for example where your weapons have been confiscated like a gladitorial arena type deal.

You can still use this to give you that competitive edge. Additionally the fact that it induce with magic means it does magic damage. So, if an enemy’s resistant to anything like physical and only susceptible magic damage this can be given to an ally to give them at least some way to fight.

The next alternative use would can be heavily rely on your game’s discretion. So it particularly says that it can be used by throwing war by hurling it with a sling. I however would make the argument that you can actually use it on arrows as well so long as they’re stone hip.

It’s still a stone, still a pebble technically speaking and i don’t see why it would not work but if your DM says No don’t argue with it you can rule while you’re kind of either way i suppose, but thematically and if you factor in like in theory you should work is what I’m trying to get at.


That being said, if you have any ideas or uses for this spell of your own i’d love to hear them down in the comments as well as if you have any cool stories with this spell i’d really like to hear those as well. Thank you so much guys i hope you all have a great day and as always happy casting everyone.

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