Locate Creature 5E Spell

Locate Creature

Some of the creatures were familiar to you and you need to describe or name any one of those creatures. You can sense the direction to where the creatures locate, as long as a creature with 1000 feet of you. Suppose, if the creature is keep moving, so you know the direction of of that creatures movement.

This dnd spell can locate a particular creature which is known to you, or else any of the nearest creature of a specific kind (like a human or a unicorn), so long as you’ve seen like a creature up close- within a 30 feet- but at least once.

Sometimes there is a chance to be a creature which was you’ve described or named was in a different form, but if the creature was in a different form like being unfer the effects of the polymorph spell, and also this dnd spell does not locate the creature.

As we said this locate creature spell unable to locate a creature if running water at least 10 feet wider blocks a direct path in between you and also the creature.

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Casting Time1 action
ClassesBard, Cleric, Druid, Paladin, Ranger, Wizard
ComponentsV S M
DurationUp to 1 hour
MaterialA bit of fur from a bloodhound
NameLocate Creature

Review On Locate Creature DnD 5E Spell

This locate creature spell was the divination spell which can allow the caster to sense the location and also the movement of a well-visualized creature.

In this particular review we are going to explain about the Effects and Components of the locate creature dnd spell. So once check them now.


Usually, the material component for this locate creature spell was the tuft of fur from the bloodhound. It also had the verbal component and part of the somatic component was for turning slowly around in the circle until desired creature was sensed.


This spell is always similar to the locate object 5e spell as well as this spell can find the creature which is familiar to the caster within the radius of almost 560ft (171 m) – the range has been increased by an experience level of a caster but it would not be cross running water.

Of course this locate creature can also find the creature by the race or by the species (like an elf or an umber hulk) as long as the caster had would previously met or even at least seen one from the distance of 30 ft (9.1m) or even less. Actually, this spell can not locate any objects and it could be fooled by the mislead, nondetection, and polymorph spells. You may also like to read our scrying 5e spell.

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