Legend Lore Spell 5E

In this dnd Legend Lore Spell 5E you can name or describe a person, place or even an object. Actually, the spell normally brings to your mind a brief summary of a significant lore which is about to the thing you’ve named. The lore might be consisted of current tales, forgotten stories, or even a secret lore which has never been widely known.

Suppose, the thing you’ve named isn’t of legendary importance and you do not gain any information. So the more information you’ve already about the thing and the more precise and also detailed the information you do receive is.

Actually, the information you learn is accurate but it might be couched in the figurative language. So here we are taking an instance, if you’ve a mysterious magic axe on a hand, and the spell might be yield this information: woe to the evildoer whose hand can touches the axe, so for even the haft slices the hand of the evil ones.

So only a true child of the stone, lover and beloved of Moradin and also may awaken the true powers of the axe, and also only with the sacred word Rudnogg on the lips.

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Attributes Of Legend Lore Spell

Casting Time10 minutes
ClassesBard, Cleric, Wizard
ComponentsV S M
MaterialIncense worth at least 250 gp, which the spell consumes, and four ivory strips worth at least 50 gp each
NameLegend Lore
TargetSee text

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