Glyph of Warding 5E Spell

Hello everyone! Today we are taking a look at one of the 3rd level spells known as Glyph of Warding. This spell is usable by the Bard, Cleric, Wizard and the Artificer and it is found in the Players Handbook. I have a webpage which consists of all different types of official spells if you haven’t checked that page yet i recommend you to check it once. That being said let’s dive into the mechanics behind this dnd 5e spell.

  • Level: 3rd
  • Casting Time: 1 Hour
  • Range/Area: Touch
  • Components: V, S, M *
  • Duration: Until Dispelled or Triggered
  • School: Abjuration
  • Attack/Save: DEX Save
  • Damage/Effect: Acid (…)

Effect: Place a symbol that usually requires an investigation check to detect. Of course the symbol can be no larger than 10 feet and it can not be moved more than 10 feet from where it was cast. However the symbol either explodes or else releases a spell whenever the set conditions are met.

Explosive Runes: It deals 5d8 elemental damage half as much on a successful dexterity save and you determine what kind of elemental damage it is.

Spell glyph: The spell should be of 3rd level or lower, targeting either a creature or area which is most spells.

The cast time is one hour and it is not concentration. This spell actually plays with term concentration quite a bit. The range is touch which is really cool because technically it means you’re familiar can cast it as well. The duration is Until Dispelled or Triggered. At higher levels the explosive rune deals an extra 1d8 per slot level and the spell glyph stored a spell up to the level used. The components are the holy trinity of Verbal, Material and Somatic. If you’re curious about the material component it is incense and powered diamond worth at least 200 gold piece(gp) which the spell does consume. The school is Abjuration unsurprisingly. The spell is super cool from a mechanical angle.


Whenever you cast this glyph of warding 5e spell, you can inscribe the glyph which harms the other creatures, either upon a surface (such as a table or a section of floor or wall) or else within an object which could be closed (such as a book, a scroll, or a Treasure chest) to be conceal the glyph. If you select the surface, the glyph spell could over an area of the surface such as no larger than 10 feet in a diameter. If you select an object should be remain in its place, if an object has been moved more than the 10 feet from where you just cast this specific spell, the glyph has been broken and also the spell ends without being triggered.

Here this glyph is nearly Invisible and also it requires the successful intelligence (Investigation) check which is against your spell save DC to be found.

You can also decide what it triggers the glyph whenever you cast a spell. For any type of glyphs inscribed on a surface, the most typical triggers include touching or else standing on a glyph, by simply removing an another object covering the glyph, approaching within a certain distance of a glyph, or even manipulating an object on which glyph has been inscribed.  For the glyphs are inscribed within an object, So many common triggers include an opening that particular object, approaching within a specific distance of an object, or else seeing or even reading the glyph. Once a glyph has been triggered, then this spell will end.

You can even further refine a trigger so a spell shall activate only under certain types of circumstances or else according to some Physical Characteristics (such as height or weight), the creature kind (for an instance, the word could be set to an affect Aberrations or drow), or Alignment. You can even also set some conditions for some of the creatures which do not trigger the glyph, like those who could say some certain password.

Whenever you inscribe the glyph, select an explosive runes or else a spell glyph.

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Explosive Runes: Whenever it has been triggered, the glyph shall erupts with a magical energy within a 20-foot-radius sphere centered on to the glyph. Of course the sphere shall spread around different corners. Each and every creature in an aura should make a Dexterity saving throw. Of course a creature shall take 5d8 acid, cold, fire, lightning, or thunder damage on a failed saving throw (your choice when you create the glyph), or half as much damage on a successful one.

Spell Glyph: You can easily store a prepared spell of a 3rd level or a lower in a glyph simply by casting it as a part of creating the glyph. The spell should be targeted a single creature or else an area. However the spell being stored has no immediate effect whenever it cast in this specific way. When the glyph has been triggered, the stored spell is cast. Suppose,

  • if a spell has a particular target, then it targets the creature that was triggered the glyph. Suppose,
  • if a spell affects an area, then the area has been centered on that specific creature.
  • However if a spell summons the Hostile creatures or else its creates the harmful objects or the traps, they were appear as closer as possible to an intruder and even attack it.
  • If a spell requires the Concentration, it also lasts until unless the end of its full Duration.
At Higher Levels:

Whenever you cast this specific spell by using a spell slot of 4th level or else higher, then the damage of an explosive runes the glyph shall increase by 1d8 for each slot level above 3rd. If you are able to create the spell glyph, then you can easily store any type of spell of up to the similar level as a slot that you use for the glyph of the warding.

Attributes Of Glyph of Warding 5E Spell

Casting Time1 hour
ClassesBard, Cleric, Wizard
ComponentsV S M
DurationUntil dispelled or triggered
Higher Spell Slot DescWhen you cast this spell using a spell slot of 4th level or higher, the damage of an explosive runes glyph increases by 1d8 for each slot level above 3rd. If you create a spell glyph, you can store any spell of up to the same level as the slot you use for the glyph of warding.
MaterialIncense and powdered diamond worth at least 200 gp, which the spell consumes
NameGlyph of Warding
TargetEither a surface or within an object that can be closed

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