Gaseous Form DnD 5E Spell

You are transform a willing creature that you touch, along with everything that it is wearing and also carrying, into the misty cloud for the particular Duration. Of course the spell will end if a creature drop to 0 Hit points. However an incorporeal creature has not been affected.

But while it this specific form, the target’s are only the methods of Movement that is a flying speed of 10 feet. Actually, the target can enter and also occupy the space of another creature. Usually, the target has the resistance to the nonmagical damage, and also it has an advantage on the strength, dexterity and even the constitution saving throws. The target can also pass via the small holes, narrow openings, and of course mere cracks, though it shall treat liquids as though they were solid surfaces. However the target can not be fall and even remain hovering in an air even when it is Stunned or otherwise Incapacitated.

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While in the specific form of the misty cloud, the target can not even talk or else manipulate some objects, and even any type of object that it was carrying or else holding can not be dropped or used or else interacted with. Of course the target could not even attack or cast the spells.

Attributes Of Gaseous Form DnD 5E Spell

Casting Time1 action
ClassesSorcerer, Warlock, Wizard
ComponentsV S M
DurationUp to 1 hour
MaterialA bit of gauze and a wisp of smoke
NameGaseous Form
TargetA willing creature you touch

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