Fizban’s Platinum Shield (UA) 5E Spell

Level: 6
Casting Time: 1 Action
Range/Area:  60 ft
Components: V, S, M *
Duration: 1 Minute
School: Abjuration
Attack/Save: None
Damage/Effect: Warding

You shall be creating a field of silvery light which would surround a creature of your choice within a specific range (you can even select yourself). The field would be shed the dim light out to 5 feet.

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Like a bonus action on the subsequent turns, you could be move to the field to an another creature almost within 60 feet of the field. However the creature has been protected by the field gains the following benefits:

  1. As per this spell the creature has an half cover.
  2. Usually, here the creature has some resistance to the acid, cold, fire, lightning, and poison damage.
  3. If a creature is subjected to an effect which shall allow it to make the Dexterity saving throw in order to take only half damage, normally the creature instead takes no damage when if it succeeds on a saving throw, and only half damage if it shall be failed.

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