Find Steed 5e Spell

Do you play with Find Steed 5e Spell then you need to read the below aspects regarding to this dnd 5e spell. So let’s get started.

Actually, in this 5e spell you do summon a spirit which is assume a form of an unusually intelligent, strong, and also the loyal steed and creating a long-lasting bond with it. it is appearing in the unoccupied place within a specific range, the steed would actually take on a form which you normally chose like warhorse, a pony, a camel, an elk, or else a mastiff. (Your DM may allows the other animals to be summoned like the steeds.)

Basically, the steed has the statistics of as like as you’ve chosen form, even though it is a celestial, fey, or else fiend (your choice) irrespective of its normal type. So, in an addition, if your steed has an intelligence of either 5 or less and then its intelligence will become 6, and also it will gain the ability for understanding one language any of your choice which you do speak regularly.

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Basically, your Find Steed 5e serves you like a mount, both in the combat and also out and of course you’ve an instinctive bond with it which actually allows you to fight like the seamless unit. But while mounted on your steed and you can make any type of spell which you can cast that would target only you too target your steed.

Whenever the steed would drop to the 0 hit points, it disappears, leaving behind no physical form. Of course, you can even dismiss your steed at any time like an action and causing it to be disappeared. But in an either cases, casting this spell again would be summon the same steed and also restored to its maximum hit point.

Any how, your steed has been within a mile from you and you can even communicate with it telepathically. You can not have more than a steed bonded by this d&d 5e find steed spell simultaneously. But as an action, you can have a chance to release the steed from its bond at any time and also causing in to be disappeared.

Find Steed Spell DnD 5E Attributes

Casting Time10 minutes
ComponentsV S
NameFind Steed
Range30 feet
TargetAn unoccupied space within range

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