False Life 5E Spell

In False Life 5E bolstering yourself by a necromantic facsimile of life, you can gain 1d4+4 temporary hit points for a specific duration.

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At Higher Levels:

Whenever you cast this spell by using the spell slot of 2nd level or higher, and you can gain 5 additional temporary hit points for an each of the slot above the 1st level.

Attributes Of DnD 5E False Life

Casting Time1 action
ClassesSorcerer, Wizard
ComponentsV S M
Duration1 Hour
Higher Spell Slot DescWhen you cast this spell using a spell slot of 2nd level or higher, you gain 5 additional Temporary Hit Points for each slot level above 1st.
MaterialA small amount of alcohol or distilled spirits
NameFalse Life

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