Encode Thoughts 5E Spell

In this Encode Thoughts 5E spell you pull a memory, an idea, or even a message from your mind and also transform it into the tangible string of a glowing energy which is called a thought stand, which would persist for a duration or else until you cast this dnd 5e spell again.

Actually, the thought strand would appears in unoccupied space within a 5 feet of you like a tiny, weightless, semisolid object which can be held and even carried as a ribbon. It is otherwise a stationary.

But if you cast this spell at the time of concentrating on a spell or else an ability which allows you to read or even manipulate the thoughts of others (like Detect Thoughts or Modify Memory), you can even transform the thoughts or some of the memories you read, rather than your own, into the thought stand.

By the way casting this dnd spell while holding a thought strand would allow you to instantly receive whatever the memory, idea or else the message the thought strand contains (Casting Detect Thoughts on the strand has the similar effect.)

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Attributes Of Encode Thoughts

Casting Time1 action
Duration8 Hours
NameEncode Thoughts

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