Eldritch Blast 5E Spell

A beam of the crackling energy would streak towards the creature within a specific range. It makes a ranged spell attack against to the target. So, on a hit, the target would take 1d10 force damage.

At Higher Levels:

This Eldritch Blast 5E Spell creates more than one beam whenever you reach higher levels with this spell; two beams at 5th level, 3 beams at 11th level and also 4 beams at 17th level.

Any way you can direct the beams either at the same target or else at the different ones. Do make a separate attack roll for each and every beam.

Do you know about lightning arrow 5e spell


Casting Time1 Action
ComponentsV S
NameEldritch Blast
Range120 feet
Spell AttackRanged
TargetA creature within range

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