Control Winds 5E Spell

Level: 5th
Casting Time: 1 Action
Range/Area: 300 ft (100 ft)
Components: V, S
Duration: 1 Hour
School: Transmutation
Attack/Save: STR Save
Damage/Effect: Prone

You can take the control of air within a 100-foot cube which you could see within a range. You can also select any one of the following effects whenever you cast this spell. Usually, the effect shall last for a spell’s duration, but unless until you could use your action on a particular next turn in order to switch to the different effect. However you can even use your action for the temporarily halt the effect or else to restart one you’ve halted. In case if you’ve missed our dnd 5e control water you can read it now.

Gusts: As per this a wind shall pick up within a cube, so it is continually blowing within a horizontal direction you designate. You can easily select the intensity of a wind: calm, moderate, or strong. Also read control weather 5e.

Suppose, if a wind is moderate or else strong, ranged weapon attacks which enters or else leave the cube or even pass through it have disadvantage on their attack rolls. Anyway, if the wind is strong, any creature that is moving against the wind should spend 1 extra foot of movement for each foot moved. Don’t miss our control flames 5e.

Downdraft: You may cause a sustained blast of the strong wind for blowing the downward from the top of a cube. Here the ranged weapon shall attack that pass via the cube or else which are made against for the targets those are within it have disadvantage on their attack rolls. If you’re searching for dnd 5e wind wall.

Basically, a creature should make a Strength saving throw if it flies into a cube for the first time on a particular turn or even in starts its turn there flying. On a failed save, the creature has been knocked prone. Also read gust of wind dnd.

Updraft: You may caused the sustained updraft within a cube, rising upward from the cube’s bottom side. Here the creatures which end a fall within a cube take only half damage from the fall. But whenever the creature in a cube shall make a vertical jump, here the creature is capable to jump up to 10 feet higher than normal.

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