Commune with Nature 5E Spell

You’re briefly become one with the nature and also gain the knowledge of the surrounding territory. In some outdoors, the spell shall give you the knowledge of the land within 3 miles from you. In many caves and also other natural Underground settings, the radius is limited to 300ft. Of course the spell does not function where the nature has been replaced by construction, such as in the dungeons and towns.

Basically, you’re instantly gain some knowledge of up to three facts depends upon your choice about any of the below mentioned subjects as they are relate to that particular area-terrain and bodies of water; prevalent Plants, minerals, animals, or peoples; powerful Celestials, fey, Fiends, Elementals, or undead; Influence from Other Planes of existence; buildings.

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Here for an instance, you could determine the location of powerful undead in an area, usually the location of major sources of safe drinking water, and also the location of any nearby towns.

Attributes Of Commune with Nature 5E Spell

Casting Time1 minute
ClassesDruid, Ranger
ComponentsV S
NameCommune with Nature

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