Circle Of Power 5E Spell

In this Circle Of Power 5E Spell the divine energy would be radiated from you, distorting and also diffusing the magical energy within a distance of 30 foot from you. The sphere always moves with you until the end of this dnd spell and centered on you too.

Basically for a specific duration each of the friendly creature in an area (you also included) have an advantage on saving throws against the spells and other magical effects too.

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So, in an addition, when an affected creature would be succeeded on the saving throw which are made against to the spell or the magic effects which allows it to for making a saving throw to take half damage only and it instead will not take any damage if it succeeds on the saving throw.

Attributes Of dnd 5e Circle Of Power

Casting Time1 Action
RangeSelf (30-foot radius)
DurationConcentration, up to 10 minutes

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