Booming Blade 5E Spell

Hello magic practitioners of all shapes and sizes! Thank you for using my blog and thank you so much for checking out the 3rd episode of our cantrip series. Today we’re going to be reading one of my favorite cantrips Booming blade 5e spell which was of course first released in the sword coast adventurer’s guide.

Now this cantrip level spell is usable by the sorcerer, warlock, wizard and the artificer spell sheet which means quite a few of the casters actually have access to it. I am for whatever reason you don’t, you can always become a magic initiate and get it this is for one of the cooler spells we’ve done so far. Now let’s take a quick look at some mechanics for this spell.


Before we get too deep into the mechanics here i think its worth establishing how this dnd spell works at least in a simplified form before we really get into the full description. Basically you imbue the weapon you’re holding with some form of magical essence and then when you attack you deal your weapon damage in addition to whatever this spell provides. Its very similar to green flame blade although mechanically they do function different as spells but the practice of application is still the same between the two.

  • Level: Cantrip
  • Damage: 1st:0, 5th:1d8, 11th:2d8, 17th:3d8
  • Casting Time: 1 Action
  • Range/Area: Self 5 ft
  • Components: M, S
  • Duration: 1 Round
  • School: Evocation
  • Attack/Save: Melee
  • Damage/Effect: Thunder

In terms of initial damage however this dnd 5e spell a real unique among spells in general and specifically cantrips for sure. Starting at level one it doesn’t do any initial damage increase at least not through the weapon attack itself. However at fifth level it does an additional 1d8 with the weapon attack itself, ay 11th level 2d8 and at 17th level 3d8.

The cast time is one action, When it comes to the range you cast the spell it transfers through yourself, to your weapon and then the area of effect of this spell is 5 feet. The good example of this is the burning hand spell. The duration is one full round to move which would of course profit the damage. The school is an evocation which isn’t too surprising, the damage type is thunder which is really cool.

The real effect of this spell is actually proked by moment, specifically willingly move. So it deals extra damage when the target moves after a hit: the movement must be willing and i will get into that a little bit later but  all you need to know is should move after you hit it with booming blade, it’ll take an extra 1d8 thunder damage of a one, at fifth level is 2d8, at 11th level 3d8 and 17th level 4d8.

So it’s really a unique spell. The components are material and somatic. The material component in this case is the weapon itself so i kind of make sense. The somatic component meaning you have to gesture with one hand that should be pretty easy i mean we can kind of get around that with a war caster feat. Now let’s move on to it’s full description here and read out what the spell does.


Actually, as a part of the action used to cast this Booming Blade 5E Spell and you should make a melee weapon attack which is against to the creature which is within the spell’s range, or else the spell will fail. Normally, on a specific hit, the target would suffer the attack’s the normal effects, and also it shall become sheathed in the booming energy but it happens until your next turn starting stage. Suppose, if the target willing to move or moves before then, it definitely takes 1d8 thunder damage immediately, and then this spell will be end. We also suggest you to read: fizban’s platinum shield 5e spell

At Higher Levels:

Actually, in this d&d 5e Booming Blade Spell at the level of 5th, the melee attack would deal an extra 1d8 thunder damage to a specific target, and the damage the target will take for moving increases to 2d8. Actually, both the damage rolls would be increased by 1d8 at 11 level and also at 17th level.

So pretty cool, as those keywords are concerned i probably say the biggest one is the target willingly moves. I mean you can’t push them or shove them or grab on the force them remove has to be on their own accord. Let’s look into some alternative uses for this spell. You can also check out dnd shadow blade.

Alternative Uses

I think this is obviously pretty great like i’m imagining like that a bugbear, arcane trickster i think that’d be really freaking cool for this. Anyways as far as alternate uses go you could definitely use it to prevent foes from running on you, i think that’s be great use of it especially the more softer enemies that if your DM lets you just to clear non-lethal blows such as knocks a moment. In addition to that you could definitely use it for interrogation purposes as well. I get like it’s still technically cantrip and i get an attack rule but i would rule that out of combat the effects would last for a little bit longer.

That being said, i suppose you could always just hit him with like a dagger or something with coming with really low damage and just repetitively clear and declare non-lethal that could work as well but the circumvent bad you know it might make one sense for the DM you just allow the effects to last for longer than around.

In any case that’s the best to i could come up with. The another alternative use potential conversation an earlier in relation to does a give off sound or not, if it does you can use as kind of an alarm party members need that okay may be the guy you’re sent and watch you though he might be escaped you might need some backup so i think those are all perfectly fine and perfectly viable. Do you know about sword burst 5e you can check it out if you’re curious about.

Attributes Of Booming Blade

NameBooming Blade
Casting Time1 Action
Range5 feet
ComponentsV, M (a weapon)
Duration1 Round
ClassesSorcerer, Warlock, Wizard

If you guys have any other ideas on how to use it a little bit more effectively or a different spin on it that’s what the comments are for i’d really like to hear them and i promise i’ll look into all of them. With that in mind i hope you guys have a great day and as always happy casting everyone. You can also do check out about other blade spells 5e from our separate spells page.

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