Beast Bond 5E Spell

In this dnd 5e beast bond spell you do establish one telepathic link with a beast that you touch which is friendly to you or else be charmed by you. Actually, the spell fails whenever if the beast’s Intelligence is 4 or more than 4. Until end of the spell, actually the link is active while you and also the best are within the line of sight of the each other. Via a link, the best able to understand your telepathic messages for it, and even it can telepathically communicate some simple emotions and concepts back to you.  During the link is active and the best gains advantage on the attack rolls against any creature within 5 feet of you which you can see.

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Attributes Of Beast Bond 5E Spell

Casting Time1 action
ComponentsV, S, M (a bit of fur wrapped in cloth)
DurationConcentration, up to 10 minutes
ClassesDruid, Ranger
NameBeast Bond

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