Banishing Smite 5E Spell

At the next time you do hit a creature by using the weapon attack (might be a melee weapon attack) but you hit the creature before the end of this banishing smite 5e spell, by a result of this your weapon crackles with a force and also attack would deal an extra 5d10 force damage to a particular target.

But any how, in an addition if this attack reduces its target to the 50 hit points of fewer and you banish it. If the target which you’ve, is native to any different plane of existence which is varied from normal plane than any other on you’re actually on, actually the target would disappear and it returning to its home plane.

Do you know about frostbite dnd 5e spell if not check it once it helps a lot after this spell.

Suppose, if the target is native to a plane which you’re on and the creature vanishes into a harmless demiplane. Whenever there, the target has been an incapacitated. It would actually be remain there until the end of this d&d 5e banishing smite spell.

Finally, at which point the target would be reappeared in a space it left or else in any nearest space which hasn’t been occupied  if that space has occupied.

Attributes of 5e Paladin Banishing Smite

Casting Time1 bonus action
DurationConcentration, up to 1 minute

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