Aura Of Life 5E Spell

In this Aura Of Life 5E Spell the character has great characteristics such as the life-preserving energy would radiate from you in the aura within a distance of 30-foot radius. Basically, until the end of this dnd spell the aura moves with you and even centered on you.

In the aura each and every non-hostile creature (also including you) have some resistance to the necrotic damage, and of course its hit point maximum to maximum can not be reduced too. In an extra, a non-hostile and the living creature would regain 1 hit point whenever it starts its turn in an aura by 0 hit point (HP)

Normally, the aura of life in dnd was a divine abjuration spell which is generated an aura preserve life 5e. Actually, this aura of life dnd 5e has some effects. You can read them below.

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Basically, the caster has created an aura with the 30-foot (9.1 meters) radius which has been preserved the life of a caster and also the all types of allies within it. Al though, the dnd aura of life gave more resistance to a necrotic energies and also restored unconscious non-hostiles. The aura always traveled with the caster. Of course the dnd 5e spell had only a verbal component.

Attributes Of d&d 5e Aura Of Life

Casting Time1 action
RangeSelf (30-foot radius)
DurationConcentration, up to 10 minutes

Aura Of Life

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