Augury 5E Spell

Actually, by casting gem-inlaid sticks, rolling the dragon bones, laying out the ornate cards, or else employing some other divining tool, you might receive an omen from an otherworldly entity about any type of results of the specific course of an action which you plan to take within a next 30 minutes. Actually, the Dungeon Master (DM) chooses from the following omens possibly.

  1. Weal, for good results
  2. Woe, for bad results
  3. Weal and woe, for both good and bad results
  4. Nothing, for results that aren’t especially good or bad

Actually, the spell does not take into the account of any possible circumstances which might change the outcome, like casting of additional spells or else the loss or gain of the companion.

But if you cast the 5e Augury spell tow or more than two times before completing your next long rest, actually there is a cumulative 25% chances for each casting after the first which you get a random reading. Actually, the DM makes this roll in secret.

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Attributes Of DnD 5E Augury

Casting Time1 minute
ComponentsV S M
MaterialSpecially marked sticks, bones, or similar tokens worth at least 25 gp
TargetSee text

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