Antipathy/Sympathy 5E Spell

Level: 8th
Casting Time: 1 Hour
Range/Area: 60 ft (200 ft )
Components: V, S, M *
Duration: 10 Days
School: Enchantment
Attack/Save: WIS Save
Damage/Effect: Frightened

This spell shall attract or else repels the creatures of your choice. You can easily target something within a range, either a huge or even a smaller object or a creature or even an area which is not larger than a 200-foot cube. Then it specify a kind of intelligent creature, such as red dragons, goblins, or else the vampires.

You do invest a target with an aura that is either attracts or else repels a specified creatures for a particular duration. You can select the antipathy or sympathy as the aura’s effect.

Antipathy: The enchantment shall cause the creatures of the kind that you have been designated to feel an intense urge for leave an area and avoid a target. Whenever such a creature could see a target or else come within 60 feet of it, the creature should be succeed on a particular wisdom saving throw or else become frightened.

Al though the creature remains frightened while it could see a target or even it is within 60 feet of it. While it is frightened by a target, the creature should use its movement in order to move to the nearest safe spot from which it can not see a target.

Suppose, if the creature shall move more than 60 feet from a target and even it can not see it, the creature has no longer been frightened, but a creature shall become frightened again if it regains a sight of the target or even moves within 60 feet of it.

Sympathy: Here the enchantment may cause a specified creatures in order to feel an intense urge for approaching the target during within 60 feet of it or even it is able to see it.

Whenever such type of the creature is able to see the target or comes within 60 feet of it, the creature should be succeeded on the Wisdom saving throw or else it should use its movement on each of its turns in order to enter an area or else move within to reach of a target. Whenever the creature has been done so, it can not be willingly move away from a target.

Suppose, if the target damages or else otherwise it harms an affected creature is capable to make a wisdom saving throw in order to end an effect, as it described below.

Ending the Effect: Suppose, if an affected creature ends its turn while it is not within 60 feet of a target or capable to see it, usually the creature shall make a wisdom saving throw.

However on successful save, the creature has no longer been affected by a target and recognizes the feeling of repugnance or else attraction as magical. So in an addition, a creature affected by a spell is allowed an another Wisdom saving throw for every 24 hours while the spell persists.

A creature which successfully saves against to this effect is immune to it for a minute, after which time that it can be affected again.

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