Antimagic Field 5E Spell

Level: 8
Casting Time: 1 Action
Range/Area: Self (10 ft)
Components: V, S, M *
Duration: 1 Hour
School: Abjuration
Attack/Save: None
Damage/Effect: Control (…)

As per this dnd 5e antimagic field spell a 10-foot-radius is invisible sphere of an antimagic which surrounds you. Usually, this area has been divorced from a magical energy which suffuses the multiverse.

Within a sphere, spells can not be cast, the summoned creatures disappear, and even some magic items shall become mundane. Until unless the spell ends, the sphere shall move with you, centered on you.

Usually, the spells and some other magical effects, except those who has created by an artifact or a deity, those are suppressed within a sphere and can not be protrude into it.

Here a slot has been expended for casting the suppressed spell has been consumed. During an effect is suppressed, it does not even function, but for the time it spends suppressed counts against to its duration.

Targeted Effects: Here some of the spells and other magical effects, like magic missile and charm person, which target a creature or else an object within the sphere have no effect on that particular target.

Areas of Magic: The area of an another spell or else a magical effect, like the fireball, can not be extended into a sphere. Suppose, if a sphere overlaps an area of magic, then the part of an area which has been covered by the sphere has been suppressed.

For an instance, the flames has been created by a wall of fire are suppressed within a sphere, simply by creating a gap within the wall if a overlap is large enough.

Spells: Any type of active spell or else an other magical effect on a specific creature or even an object within a sphere has been suppressed while a creature or else an object is in it.

Magic Items: As per this magic items effect the properties and even the powers of the magic items are suppressed within a sphere. For an instance a longsword, +1 in a sphere functions as a nonmagical longsword.

Also a magic weapon’s properties and also the powers are suppressed when if it is used against to a target within a sphere or else wielded by an attacker in a sphere.

Suppose, if a magic weapon or else a piece of magic ammunition fully leaves a sphere (for example, if you’re fire the magic arrow or else throw a magic spear at a target outside the sphere), the magic of an item shall be ceased to be suppressed as soon as it exists.

Magical Travel: Here a teleportation and also a planar travel shall be failed to work in a sphere, whether a sphere is destination or else the departure point for such type of magical travel.

Basically, a portal to other location, world, or else a plane of an existence, but as well as an opening to an extradimensional space such as that has been created by the rope trick spell, temporarily closes while in the sphere.

Creatures and Objects: A creature or an object summoned or even it is created by the magic temporarily winks out of existence in a sphere. Like the creature instantly reappears once a space the creature has been occupied has no longer been within a sphere.

Dispel Magic: The spells and the magical effects like the dispel magic have no effect on the sphere. Likewise, the spheres has been created by various types of antimagic field spells don’t nullify each other.

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