Acid Splash 5E Spell

In this d&d 5e acid splash you actually hurl a bubble of acid. In this dnd spell you need to chose one of the creatures within a range, or else chose two creatures within a specific range like which are within 5 feet of each other. In this acid splash cantrip 5e a target should be succeeded on the dexterity saving throw or it should take 1d6 acid damage.

Actually, this acid splash 5e spell’s damage would be increased by 1d6 whenever you do reach 5th level the damage would increase by 2d6, if you reach at 11th level the damage would increase 3d6 and also at 17th level the damage would be 4d6.

Attributes Of Acid Splash Spell 5E

Casting Time1 action
ClassesSorcerer, Wizard
ComponentsV S
Damage TypeAcid
NameAcid Splash
Range60 feet
TargetOne creature within range or two creatures within range that are within 5 feet of each other.

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