Yuan Ti Pureblood Race 5E

The d&d yuan ti pureblood 5e race were a collective race of the psionic serpentfolk those who were seen like the corrupt and also degenerate monsters by other so many dnd races.

The appearance of yuan-ti pureblood 5e playable race greatly varied from nearly human-like to nearly snake-like, but of course they all had some of the serpentine features. If you’ve interested in this beautiful race then follow this article, it helps you a lot.


Now we need to give some description for this 5e yuan ti, if you would like to know like how it appears and so many other aspects about it then check from below.

  • Normally, the appearance of the yuanti would be varied from nearly human-like to nearly snake-like, but of course they all are had some of the serpentine features.
  • Their scale colors were had simple greens and also brown as their usual colors. But even though, most of the elaborate swirls, stripes, or the diamond patterns were possible, even they were in blue and red.
  • These d&d yuan ti’s nearly no scent which a human could be detected, but also the animals could have been sense a dry and the musty odor from their bodies.
  • Most of the human-like forms wore clothing, but simultaneously all types of varieties would have wielded weapons if they had means for carry them.

We have so many types of yuan-ti’s. Actually, these creatures are the mix of the serpent and the human this is to put it plainly. So, some of these yuan-ti looks mostly like snakes than the others do, even though some of them look like humans, being closely to the indistinguishable.

We can see mainly there are three types of yuan-ti pureblood 5e volo, such as the Abominations, the Malisons and also the Pure Bloods too.

  • These Abominations looks closely like to the giant snakes with arms. Of course these are only stronger than compared to the all of the yuan-ti, from these category some are might have thought that they were the most gifted and also devoted to the serpent gods.
  • The second type of them are Malisons, these have their head like the snakes, of course arms are also like snake or the serpent bottom instead of the legs. These yuan ti pureblood’s are typically most dexterous ones.
  • The final one is Pure Bloods. These are the most cunning and also human likes of the yuan-ti, which are often looking as the humans except for the slits for eyes and for the occasional scales.
Varieties Of Subraces

There are two types of subraces such as major subraces and also minor subraces. So check these races from below.

In this yuanti dnd 5e playable race we have three most prevalent types of major subraces such as purebloods, halfbloods, abominations. The yuan-ti have come in several distinct castes or in breeds.

Major Subraces

1) Purebloods

With some minor reptilian features these purebloods can be appeared mostly in the humans and the features are sit eyes, forked tongue, or else the patches of scales on their skin.

2) Halfbloods

These halfbloods are also known as malisons, in their shape these were like the humanoids but they had a wide variety of noticeable serpentine features like we mentioned here; snakelike tail in place of legs, complete covering of scales, a hood like the cobra, a snake’s head or else snakes in the place of arms.

3) Abominations

Instead of some human features which they had (like arms or the humanoid head) these yuan ti abominations 5e were almost completely the snakelike.

Minor subraces

Minor subraces have been divided into three types, so lets check them now.

1) Anathemas

By far of the most powerful and also the loathsome of this yuan-ti, the anthemas were worshiped like the divine incarnations of the merrshaulk.

In fact they were truly bizarre in their appearance such as, with a body like a 25-foot-long serpent; a pair of humanoid arms by the clawed, three fingered hands; the six serpentine heads which are rising from its shoulders.

2) Holy guardians

Actually, a rare breed which is specifically bred like the temple guards and the holy guardians would uniformly had one serpentine tail in the place of legs and also snakelike head.

3) Mageslayers

It is an another seldom type of yuan ti subrace, these mageslayers were the bred for the sake of a special purpose of battling or else the hunting down human magic-users, but most of their abilities were were magical rather than the psionic. Even though they had a human-like head but they had a snakelike tail instead of legs.

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yuan ti pureblood stats

  • Tag (s) : yuan-ti
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil

General Information

  • Favored terrain: Jungles, forests
  • Favored climate: Warm
  • Subraces: Pureblood, Halfblood, Abomination, Anathema
  • Language(s): Yuan-ti,  Common, Draconic, Abyssal (they can ready to speak with any snake or snake-like creatures)
  • Homeland(s): Chultan Peninsula, Serpent Hills, Hlondeth
  • Diet: Carnivore
  • Activity cycle: Any
  • Vision: Darkvision
  • Patron deity: Zehir, Merrshaulk
  • Base Height: 4’8″
  • Height Modifier: +2d10 inches
  • Base Weight: 110 lb
  • Weight Modifier: +2d4 lbs


  • Distinctions: Various serpent features
  • First Appearance: Dwellers of the Forbidden City

Yuan-ti pureblood 5e player race Traits

The product of the cult which have been mated serpents with the humans. The below mentioned racial traits are purely for this playable race only. So check them once.

  • Ability Score Increase: Here your charisma score and intelligence score increases by 2 and by 1 respectively.
  • Age: They have similar lifespans in length and they mature at the same rate like the humans.
  • Alignment: These are almost always like evil, but although, there are every time those whoever stray from the path.
  • Size: Your size is always medium. But of course these yuan-ti 5e race’s are the same size like the humans.
  • Speed: 30 feet is your base walking speed.
  • Darkvision: With in 60 feet of you, if there is a dimlight then you can see there and its like bright light, and of course in the darkness like if it was dim light. You unable to discern color in darkness and only the shades of gray.
  • Poison Resistance: For poison damage you have a good resistance power, also you’ve an advantage on any saving throws which are against for becoming poisoned.
  • Serpentine Empathy: If you have simple ideas then you can communicate those ideas with the snakes.
  • Snake’s Cunning: On intelligence, charisma and wisdom saving throws you have advantage which are against to the magic.
  • Languages: The common, abyssal, draconic languages can be spoken, written and also read by you.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) Of Yuan Ti Pureblood 5E Race

1 Q: What is Yuan Ti Pureblood 5E Race?

A: The yuan-ti pureblood’s are not powerful like any other yuan ti forms but of course they naturally have psionic powers. By using those powers these d&d yuan-ti’s able to charm others such as humanoids, entrance animals, to create darkness, to cause fear and also to command plants for entangle the opponents.

2 Q: Can yuan ti 5e talk to d&d snake race?

A: The yuan ti 5e has some of the serpentine features also the appearance of it varied majorly from nearly human-like to nearly snake-like.

3 Q: Do 5e yuan ti have legs?

A: The 5e yuan ti have its parts as compared as Mageslayers they have a humanlike head but a snakelike tail instead of the legs.

4 Q: How do you pronounce yuan-ti ?

A: The actual pronunciation of yuan-ti is “You-AWN-tee” also “yoo-an-TEE”

5 Q: Do yuan ti pureblood 5e have ears?

A: No, the yuan ti pureblood 5e do not have ears.

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