Firbolg 5e Race

One of the best races in dnd are “Firbolg”, and it has mentioned in the Volo’s Guide To Monsters book. Actually, it was the reculsive race of the best giant-kin those who had preferred to avoid the contact to any other sentient races. This dnd firbold 5e race is the most intelligent and also the most powerful of the giant-kin.

We actually, mentioned more detailed information such as general information, statistics, appearance, physiology and also many other important topics which are helpful to play as easily as possible with your dungeon master by using this race.

Overview Of D&D Firbolg

The d&d firbolgs have common features to the humans. The Firbolg Male would be sport with great and thick beards. Also their skin is very much tough and thick with fleshy pink and also their hair even though it might have come in various colors but it was either red or blonde and also worn long.

If we talk about their voice…it was very smooth and deep. One more important aspect in their voice is they tended to roll their consonants whenever they’re speaking.

Mainly 5e firbolg’s were over 3 meters/10 feet tall in height, by averaging a height about 3.2 meters/10.5 feet. Because of their residence they weighed more than the 360 kg’s (800 pounds) actually, they have migrated from the different worlds and from them Faerûn were actually been lighter. The males 290 kg’s (650 pounds) and also the females 230 kg’s (500 pounds)

Firbolg DnD Statistics

In this we are going to share you about the firbolg dnd statistics which has about this race’s alignment, size, tag and also type. So check them once to know about its statistics.

Alignment: Usually neutral good

Size: Medium

Tag: Firbolg

Type: Humanoid

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Firbolg DnD 5E General Information

In this general information we are going to share you about favored terrain, favored climate, languages, homelands, average lifespan, diet, activity cycle, vision, patron deity. So get them below.

Favored terrain: Hills, forests

Favored climate: Temperate

Languages: Common, Giant, Elven, Firbolg

Homelands: Feywild, remote regions of Faerûn, ice spires

Average lifespan: Up to 500 years

Diet: Omnivore

Activity cycle: Any

Vision: Low-light vision and darkvision

Patron deity: Grond peaksmasher (but moonshae isles only)

These are the latest and updated informations of firbolg dnd 5e, so use this info as well.

DnD 5E Firbolg Appearance

It appears very much attractive with its hair and skin, so check them from the below lines about their skin color and hair styles and also about hair color.

Hairstyle: Long

Hair color: frequently bondy or else red

Skin Color: Fleshy Pink

But when it comes to the firbolg appearance in the category of height, weight and hairstyle’s varies from male and female. So once check them carefully.

Female Average Height: 9’10” — 10’8″ (3.0 to 3.33m)

Male Average Height: 10’6″ — 11’4″(3.2– 3.5m)

Female Average Weight: 460 –560lbs (210–250 kgs)

Male Average Weight: 610 — 710lbs (280–320kgs)

Male Hairstyle: Thick Beards

Physiology Of Firbolg 5E Race

Female Firbolg 5e race do take 2 years for get a birth to a child.

DnD Firbolg Names :

Actually, every firbolg has names either it could be a female firbolg or it could be a male firbolg. Once check them below separately as how we mentioned.

Firbolg Female: Dorvalur, Sarran, Virfir, Petven, Beiquinal, Tranan, Daeneiros, Herpeiros, Qiven, Aefir.

Firbolg Male: Magvaris, Liarie, Sylwenys, Wynrieth, Brysatra, Chaemys, Neristina, Valzana, Gilstina, Ravalana.

DnD Firbolg Traits

The following racial traits are for the firbolg, you can see them below lines.

  • Ability Score increase: Your strength score increases by 1 and your wisdom score increases by 2.
  • Age: As the humanoids related to the fey, this firbolg’s have long lifespan. At the age of 30 these firbolgs will get their adulthood, their longest lifespan is 500 years. It is their oldest age.
  • Alignment: As the people those who follow the rhythm of their nature and they do see themselves like its caretakers, these are typically neutral good. Evil firbolg are seldom and they are usually the sworn enemies of rest of their kind.
  • Size: They grow upto 7 and 8 feet taller and they weighed between 240 and 300 pounds. Anyhow your size is medium. 6’2″ is your height with a modifier of +2d12. Your weight is 175lbs., with the modifier of +(height roll) x 2d6.
  • Speed: 30 feet is your base walking speed.
  • Firbolg Magic: With this specific trait you can easily cast detect magic and also disguise self. by using the wisdom like your spellcasting ability for the sake of them. But once you’ve cast either spell, you lose thise chance to cast this spell again by using this trait but you can cast it after you finish a short or long rest. But whenever you use this version of disguise self and then you could be seen up to 3 feet shorter than the normal and allowing you for more easily blend in with the humans and elves too.
  • Hidden Step: Until the start of your next turn or until you make an attack you have capability to turn into invisible because of the bonus action. Not only this you also can make a damage roll, or you can force someone to make the saving throw. But whenever you used this trait for once a while, then you can not use this trait again and again until you completed your short or long rest.
  • Powerful Build: You actually make a count like one size larger when determining your carrying capacity and also the weight you could push, drag or to lift.
  • Speech Of Beast And Leaf: By taking the help of beasts and the plants you can communicate in a very limited manner. They can understand you because they knew the meaning of your words but you can not understand them in return cause you do not have any special ability. You actually have an advantage on all of the charisma checks that you make to influence them.
  • Languages: Common, elvish, giant languages can be speak, written and also read by you.

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FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) Of Firbolg

1 Q: How Tall Is D&D 5E Firbolg ?

A: The d&d 5e firbolg is 7 and 8 feet tall in size.

2 Q: Are Firbolgs Giants ?

A: Due to their natural inelligence and also considerable magical power this firbolgs are most powerful. But they ain’t giants. All the firbolgs appear to be the normal humans, but sometimes they are up to 10 feet tall and weighs up to 800 pounds.

3 Q: Do Firbolg D&D Have Tails?

A: No, they do not have tails.

4 Q: Where Are Firbolg ?

A: At greek or eastern origin.

5 Q: Are D&D Firbolgs Fey ?

A: The d&d firbolgs are neutral with fey and also with druids and elves.

6 Q: What Language Do Firbolgs Speak?

A: Common, elvish and also giant languages can be spoken by this firbolgs.

7 Q: What Does Fir Bolg Mean?

A: These fir bolgs were belongs to the fourth group of people those who is to settle in ireland. For more details check the above mentioned article deeply.

8 Q: How Much Weight Does DnD Firbolg Has?

A: The dnd firbolg weighs between 240 and 300 pounds. Of course your size medium.

9 Q: Do DnD 5E Firbolg Have Fur ?

A: In dnd 5e these dnd 5e firbolgs are fuzzy.

10 Q: How Old Are Firbolgs?

A: They can live up to 500 years. They will get their adulthood age at 30 years old.

The Best Review Of Firbolg 5E

As per our dnd group, we are going to say our review on this firbolg 5e. We hope it will give you a best advices and thoughts to play well with your DM by using this race. So lets get started.

  • The firbolg are equal to the humans in various features such as height, weight and sometimes they might be same in color too.
  • They are very good at in their self discipline
  • Their personality actually matches to the european males of the northern hemisphere.
  • Whenever they have be fight in the battle field then they do not wear any protection type of costumes but they wear the armors.

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