Aarakocra 5E Race

Aarakocra‘s were the race of avian humanoids, they’re almost close to the human’s. We have menioned each and every aspect about this dnd 5e aarakocra. If you’re also one of the players of this race then read the below article first and then proceed with your DM.

Because it has lot more information and also many dungeon masters experiences too. So it might give you a better ideas than your personal game play. So you and your team members should read this.

Aarakocra Stats

The aarakocra stats have been researched and mentioned by the lots players through their personal experience and also reference from the 5th edition book too. So check them and get to know.

  • Challenge Rating: 1/4
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Tag(s): Aarakocra
  • Type : Humanoid
  • Size: Medium

Aarakocra 5e Appearance

From this section we will provide about aarakocra 5e appearance such as how it looks like how much height it has..etc

Actually, d&d aarakocra’s are the resembled humanoid birds. In this race the average specimen can be stood about 1.5m that means 5ft tall and also they have the wingspan with 6.1m that means 20ft.

Halfway of along with the edge of each of its wings were a hand with three human-sized fingers and also an opposable thumb. During the flight, an elongated fourth finger would be extended the length of the wind and also been locked in a place.

The dnd aarakocra hands can not be grasped while they’re flying. But of course their hands are likely to be the human hands that’s why whenever this race was perched and then its wings would be folded back to their position.

Although, their legs were most powerful and they’re ended in four sharp talons which could be unlocked and also folded back for revealing the another pair of functional hands. The bones of these humanoids are hollow and fragile bones.

With the combination of both the eagles and parrots would be their faces. They have their eyes with black color and also they have gray-black beaks.

Aarakocra Average height : 5′

Average Wing Span : 20′ (6m)

Average Aarakocra Weight : 90 lbs

Actually, the plumage color would be varied, even though the males had red, orange and also yellow coloration, meanwhile females would be tended towards brown and also gray.

General Information Of 5E Aarakocra

In this 5e aarakocra general information section we includes all about their languages, diet, climate changes..etc, if you check them once you can easily get to know about them.

  • Favored Terrain : Mountains
  • Favored Climate : Warm, Temperate
  • aarakocra language (s) : Auran, common, aarakocra
  • Homeland (s) : Maztica, Starmounts, Storm Horns, Cloven Mountains, Mistcliffs, Coliar.
  • Diet Carnivore
  • Activity Cycle : Day
  • Patron Deity Syranita

Dungeons And Dragons Aarakocra Traits

Being an aarakocra in dungeons and dragons you have some specific traits in most common with you. Actually while you’re in this racial traits, you can able to fly with an high speed starting from 1st level but its an exceptionally effective in certain circumstances and exceedingly dangerous too in others.

By result of this, playing with this aarakocra dnd 5e requires some special consideration by your Dungeon Master (DM).

The traits are as follows:

Languages: You have a knowledge to speak, read and to write the languages like common, aura and also the aarakocra.

Talons: With your personal unarmed strikes, you’re proficient. Which can deal 1d4 slashing damage on a hit.

Fight: With 50 feet speed you can fly. But, in order to use this speed you’re unable to have a chance to wear any medium or heavy armor.

Speed: 25 feet is your base walking speed.

Size: They weighed between 80 and 100 pounds even though they had thin and light weight bodies. Their height is about 5 feet. Of course, you have a medium size.

Alignment: They rarely chose sides that too whenever it comes to the law and chaos, but most of the dnd aarakocra’s are good. Whenever the explorers and also adventurers will tend to be towards the chaotic then the tribal leaders and the warriors might have been lawful.

Age: It doesn’t live more than 30 years, compared to the humans. Its maturity age is 3.

Ability Score Increase: Your dexterity score will increase by 2, and your wisdom score will also increase by 1.

Aarakocra Names

The aarakocra’s in dnd have designed their names as much of their speech and aarakocra names include clicks, trills and also whistles to the specific point which others would have the difficult time to pronouncing them. Although, basically, a name has two to four syllables and they have sounds which’re acting as connectors.

But whenever interacting with the any other dnd races then this aarakocra race 5e might be using the nicknames which are gained from the people they have met or shortened forms of d&d aarakocra’s full names.

In an aarakocra of either gender might have had one of the following short names: Aera, Aial, Aur, Deekek, Errk, Heehk, Ikki, Kleeck, Oorr, Ouss, Quaf, Quierk, Salleek, Urreek, or Zeed. 

Aarakocra Backgrounds

The dnd backgrounds like outlander, sage and hermit are most appropriate for this aarakocra race. Actually, one of the small colonies of this aarakocra are an insular and remote, but few of them live away from their roosts.

Actually, in the star mounts of the high forest which are in the forgotten realms are no more than the few dozen aarakocra will live away from the nest of their families.

Those are usually rangers or the fighters and also patrolling constantly for the sake of outside traits.

Aarakocra Druid

Here we are providing a screen shot about the aarakocra druid , it has one our team’s doubts, so you can explain us about the query. We are also giving some of our team’s answers below of this image. You can share your thoughts too.

aarakocra druid

Our Team members have responded to the above suggestion. One by one.

  • Usage of that type of thorn whip was really a creative job. Also i would try and support it like DM. obviously you’ve done a great job. It keeps the limit to the power of the flying whip that’s why it was not ridiculous. But you can still let it to be happen.
  • Of course he has been played technically. The spell simply stipulated that the target has to be large or smaller. That’s because, the size and also weight have already been accounted for. Keep it’s only for 1d6 bludgeoning since they would get lifted 10 feet up.
  • You can not cast while you’re flying, but unless until the flight would be the result of a magic item or spell.

These are the various types of opinions on this thread post. We accept your advices too. So please make sure to leave your comment on this aarakocra druid race.

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FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) Of Aarakocra DnD Race

As an aarakocra dnd race player you would have got so many thoughts and queries while playing the dungeons and dragons role playing. Am i correct? if yes. Then you might have got the below queries too in your mind. Then let’s solve those FAQ’s with the below answers.

1 Q: Is Aarakocra A Playable Race?

A: No! aarakocra 5e is not a playable race! The reason is, a character race which grants a fly speed at the 1st level which is not allowed for d&d adventurers league play. That’s why they’re not legal.

2 Q: What Book Is Aarakocra 5E Race?

A: In the latest version of  DnD 5th Edition the aarakocra 5e race have been mentioned. But formerly it was mentioned in (Fiend Folio) Advanced dungeons & dragons 1st edition (1977-1988).

3 Q: How Old Are Aarakocra?

A: At 3rd year of aarakocra age gets maturity and up to an average of 30 years the aarakocra age can be end that means it lives up to there.

4 Q: Is D&D 5E Aarakocra Race A Humanoid?

A: Yes! The D&D 5e aarakocra race has been resembled to the humanoid birds. But they can not grasp their hands while they’re flying.  But whenever they’re perched and then its wings floded back…this is an useful feature for this race like the humanoids.

Of course, their super powerful legs will be ended in four sharp talons which could be unlocked and folded back to reveal an another pair of functional hands.

5 Q: What Do Aarakocra D&D 5E Race Look Like?

A: The aarakocra d&d 5e race hasn’t have any similarities for male and females, they are totally different. I.e., the females are more subdued colors, naturally brown or gray and for the males brightly colored, with feathers of red, orange, or even yellow.

6 Q: Can DnD Aarakocra See In The Dark?

A: Yes! But with the maximum distance 60 ft only this dnd aarakocra can see in the dark.

7 Q: Can Aarakocra 5E Player Race Speak?

A: Yes! aarakocra 5e player race can speak, read and even write and the languages are common, auran and also aarakocra.

8 Q: Can D&D Aarakocra Race Fly With Heavy Armor?

A: No! d&d aarakocra race can not fly with wearing heavy armor or even with medium. It can only fly with in a light armor.

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