Worg DnD 5E Monster

Here the worg dnd 5e monster is an evil predator which delights in the hunting and also devouring creatures weaker than itself. It is also cunning and malevolent, worgs roam across a remote Wilderness or else they are raised by the goblins and by the hobgoblins.

Basically, those creatures could use the worgs like the mounts, but a worg would be turned on its rider when if it feels mistreated or it is malnourished. The worgs could speak in their own language and the goblin, and even a few are them learn to speak Common as well.


Keen Hearing and Smell: Usually, the worg has an advantage on the wisdom (Perception) checks which is rely on hearing or smell.

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Bite: By using this bite attack this dnd worg 5e monster can make a melee weapon attack: +5 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. It also has Hit: 10 (2d6 + 3) piercing damage. However if the target is a creature, then it should be succeeded on a DC 13 Strength saving throw or else it must be knocked prone.

Attributes Of Worg DnD 5E Monster

AC13 (Natural Armor)
AlignmentNeutral Evil
Challenge Rating1/2
HP26 (4d10+4)
LanguagesGoblin, Worg
Passive Perception14
Roll 01d20 + 5 2d6+3
SensesDarkvision 60 Ft.
SkillsPerception +4
Speed50 ft.

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