Lizard Monster DnD 5E

Hello zoologists of all shapes and sizes! Welcome to my spellbook and thank you so much for clicked on 19th episode of our beast series. Today we got a pretty cool one in store for us. We’re talking about the lizard. Doesn’t really mention what kind of lizard it is, so use your imagination there. Maybe like an iguana or a gecko something like that.

I don’t really think it matters to be honest but yeah use your creativity. It just found in the dungeon master’s guide and a couple other books as well. You can actually take it as a familiar if you’d like as well and there’s a cr0 creature that is to say it’s not really a challenge and it gives you a 10 xp when you kill. Now let’s take a look at its stats.


So those are just considered to be a tiny beast and it is unaligned. He’s very small…small boy. It has an AC of 10,  2 hit points calculated by rolling a d4 and it has a walking speed of 20 feet and a climbing speed of 20 feet. So 20 feet of total movement as it works.

  • Type: Tiny beast, unaligned
  • AC: 10
  • HP: 2(1D4)
  • SPEED: 20FT, Climb 20FT

Looking at its stats not very strong, certainly not intelligent, not very charismatic doesn’t really have anything going for it in the stats column to be honest with you.

  • STR: 2(-4)
  • DEX: 11(+0)
  • CON: 10(+0)
  • INT: 1(-5)
  • WIS: 8(-1)
  • CHA: 3(-4)

It does however have a darkvision up to 30 feet which is nice. As a passive perception of 9 which is slightly above terrible and now let’s check out it’s actions real quick.


So you can do a bite attack. Considered to be a melee weapon attack +0 to hit which is just a straight roll the d20. 5 foot of reach can only target 1 target and deals one piercing damage.

Bite: By using this bite attack this lizard monster can make a Melee Weapon Attack: +0 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 1 piercing damage.

Yeah.. not really a lot of meat on his bones. I don’t know maybe like hanging on walls of caves and stuff and then if a party disturbs some vines and a bunch of them run out and attack maybe something like that might be kind of cool but it’s really hard for me to know for sure. A wizard could use this to kind of follow the party along the roof of the cave i think that’d be pretty cool but kind of depends on circumstances.

Attributes Of Lizard Monster DnD 5E

Challenge Rating0
HP2 (1d4)
Passive Perception9
Roll 0Bite 1d20 + 0 1
SensesDarkvision 30 Ft.
Speed20 ft., climb 20 ft.


That being said! if you have any ideas on how to fold the lizard into your games please let me know down beneath in the comment section. Also be sure to mention if you have any thoughts, questions, ideas or other uses for them. I really am curious what you guys have to say but that being said hope you all have a great day and as always happy researching.

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