Darkmantle Monster 5E

As like as all of the dnd 5e monsters this Darkmantle monster also has its Traits, actions and also attributes. If you know about these aspects then you can easily understand about this monster. So, let us go into the discussion now. We will share our knowledge on this.


Echolocation: Actually, the Darkmantle 5e can not use its Blindsight while Deafened.

False Appearance: As while this darkmantle 5e would be remain to be motionless, it is indistinguishable from the cave formation such as the stalactite or else stalagmite.

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Actions Of Darkmantle dnd 5e

This darkmantle dnd 5e has two types of actions such as Crush and Darkness Aura. Now we are going to write them down so check it out.

Crush: It has the Melee Weapon Attack: +5 to hit, reach 5 ft., one creature. Also can Hit: 6 (1d6 + 3) bludgeoning damage, and the darkmantle attaches to the target. Any how its chosen target is medium or else smaller one and also the darkmantle has an advantage on the attack roll,  It might also been attached by the engulfing the target’s head, and even the target is also blinded and it is unable to breathe because of darkmantle is attached in such way.

Meanwhile it is attached to the specific target, and also the darkmantle could attack none of the other creatures but except the target but of course has an advantage on its Attack rolls. Normally, the darkmantle’s speed also can become to 0, Even it can not benefit from any of its bonus to its speed and it moves with the target too.

Also a creature can detach the darkmantle by making a successful DC 13 strength check like an action. So, on its turn, the darkmantle able to breath by itself from its target simply by using 5 feet of movement.

Darkness Aura (1/day): In this action A 15-foot radius of magical darkness can be extended out from darkmantle, which moves with it, and also can be spread around the corners. As per this action, the darkness could be last as long as the darkmantle can be maintain its Concentration almost up to 10 minutes (as if concentrating on a spell).

Actually, the darkvision unable to penetrate this darkness and also none of its natural light can be illuminated it. Suppose, if any of its darkness overlaps by an area of the light which has been created by the spell of 2nd level or even lower, also the spell creating the light which is dispelled.

Attributes Of D&D Darkmantle

Challenge Rating1/2
HP22 (5d6+5)
Passive Perception10
Roll 0Crush 1d20 + 5 1d6+3
SensesBlindsight 60 Ft.
SkillsStealth +3
Speed10 ft., fly 30 ft.

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