Boar Monster DnD 5E

Hello zoologists of all shapes and sizes! welcome to my website and thank you so much for clicked on to the 47th episode of our beast series. Today we’re going to be taking a look at the slightly more aggressive cousin to the pig. We’re looking at the dnd 5e boar monster ladies and gentlemen.

Should write for an exciting article. So the boar is found in the basic rule set. That is to say almost everyone has access to him and he is considered a cr:1/4 heck yeah and that means you get 50 experience points on a kill but you gotta work for it a little bit harder. That being said let’s take a quick look at his stats.


So the boar is considered to be a medium beast that is unaligned. AC of 11 and hit points are 11 calculated by rolling 2d8 adding two and an impressive speed of 40 feet.

  • Type: Medium Beast, Unaligned
  • AC: 11
  • HP: 11(2D8+2)
  • Speed: 40ft

Taking a look at his stats. Now you can see he’s actually quite strong and hearty as you’d expect a boar to be. However in all other areas he’s lacking.

  • STR: 13(+1)
  • DEX: 11(+0)
  • CON: 12(+1)
  • INT: 2(-4)
  • WIS: 9(-1)
  • CHA: 5(-3)

The only sense he has is a passive perception of 9. Which is nothing really brag about. Now let’s take a look at his other traits here.


Charge: Suppose, this boar monster in dnd 5e moves at least 20ft., which is straight towards the target and of course then it will hit it with a tusk attack on the similar turn, even the target takes an extra 3 (1d6) slashing damage. Suppose, the target is a creature, so then it must be succeeded on a DC 11 Strength saving throw or else be knocked prone.

And that’s not all the boar is one of the cooler abilities we’ve talked about so far called Relentless and this ability recharges after a short or long rest.

Relentless (Recharges after a Short or Long Rest): Suppose, the boar dnd 5e monster takes either 7 damage or else less than to that would be reduced it to 0 hit points, and of course it is reduced to 1 hit point instead.

Very cool stuff! i honestly like it, it’s very reminiscent of what the half work is able to do. Certainly a very cool mechanic, i do think that is going to be a huge headache for some early level adventurers. But i think it’s kinda makes sense for the cr1 quarter bracket. Now let’s take a look at his actions.


The boar can only do one attack and that is a tusk attack. It is a melee weapon attack, +3 to hit, reach of 5 feet, can only target one target and deals 4 slashing damage on a hit calculated by rolling 1d6 and adding one.

Tusk: By having its tusk attack it can make a Melee Weapon Attack: +3 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 4 (1d6 + 1) slashing damage.

Very cool stuff…i really like the boar naturally they’ll do a lot better in a wide open area where they have enough room to do that charge. Now you gotta be careful with this particular creature. You can really got to know how well your creature party synergizes before you use them at those early levels.

Because once again if you’re primarily caster 7 hit points can be tricky to dish out, so they’re gonna be hit with that relentless and then typically casters don’t have the best strength, so they might be knocked prone as well.

The boar is basically an early level wizard bully so be careful how you use them. In terms of the best way i would fold them into my campaign. I probably use them to protect pigs i guess or have like some boars with the boar stat block and then use others with pigs just to kind of balance that make sure the boars are kind of protecting them as guards something like that.

Attributes Of Boar Monster DnD 5E

AC11 (Natural Armor)
Challenge Rating1/4
HP11 (2d8+2)
Passive Perception9
Roll 0Tusk 1d20 + 3 1d6+1
Speed40 ft.

In any case let me know how you would use them down beneath in the comment section. Also be sure to mention any thoughts, questions, comments or stories involving the boars. That being said i hope you have a great day and as always happy researching.

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