Banshee DnD 5E Monster

Actually, a banshee monster can also be known as a groaning spirit, it was actually a female undead phantom, basically a selfish strong-willed spirit which has been embodied the essence of hideousness. Most frequently they were the spirits of an elven women, those whom in a life had an evil alignment.


The banshee monster didn’t have a particular shape, but rather a misty form with a vague and also flowing features which are mirrored her former form in the life. As a specific time wore on, the banshee shall became more and more distorted, even though it was still recognizable as a humanoid.

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Banshees tended to be enjoy in bringing death for any living creature which they have come across.


Even though their shape was incorporeal, the appearance of this banshee was an horrific and also their mere presence would be drawn an energy from their surroundings to a point of stunting local floral growth. Anyway being the form of an undead, banshees were immune to all of the spells which has been affected the mind, such as charm or else the sleep. Usually, they were also typical impervious to the harm from any form of lightning and also the excessive cold.


The Banshees has been hated all of the living things with an unholy fury;of course they could even sense the life approaching them and also they would attack to anyone those who has been trespassed within their territory. Of course along with their terrifying visage, the mere chilling touch of a banshee would be drain her victim.

Some of the banshee’s have most feared the weapon was a piercing wail which was as harmful as any material weapon. This type of scream was a deadly to almost all who could hear.


In an Utter East, the banshees are considered “faerie hags” and also they were actually creatures of the nature, but not blighters of it. Usually, their wailing lamented a destruction of a wilderness and also it is caused harm for the civilized beings those who came upon them. Normally, they wore the rags, they had white hair and also blue skin, and even they had no legs and then flew a short distance above the ground level water. Usually, they were found in the Realm of Lands, and they could not, or would not, enter even the ruins of buildings.



All these spirits were typically found around the desolate countrysides and moors.


In a similar way the banshee has been retained the shadow of her former appearance, usually she was also capable of speaking and understand a similar language with which she was fluent in the life.

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