DnD 5E Magic Items Per Level

Let’s take a look specifically here in the dungeon masters guide. Let’s begin with the starting at higher level now. This i think is unfortunate because in older editions we had something that was defined as a wealth by level table and part of the reason that worked is wealth by level you were expected to have so much money and so many different magic items. But every magic item had a price associated with it.

Starting At Higher Level

The experienced players are mostly familiar with the capabilities of their character classes and also the impatient for much more significant adventures may welcome and idea of starting a campaign with the characters above the 1st level.

However creating the higher-level character shall use the same character creation steps that are outlined in the player’s handbook. Such as a character has more hit points, class features, and the spells, and perhaps starts with the better equipment.

In any case the starting equipment for the characters above 1st level is entirely at your discretion, since you give out the treasure at your own pace. That being said, you can simply use the starting equipment table as a reference guide.

Character LevelLow Magic Campaign Standard CampaignHigh Magic Campaign
1st – 4thNormal Starting Equipment & GoldNormal Starting Gold & EquipmentNormal Starting Equipment & Gold
5th – 10th500gp plus 1d10x 25gp, normal starting equipment500gp plus 1d10x25gp, normal starting equipment500gp plus 1d10x25gp, one uncommon magic item, normal starting equipment
11th-16th5,000gp plus 1d10x250gp, one uncommon magic item, normal starting equipment500gp plus 1d10x250 gp, two uncommon magic items, normal starting equipment5,000gp plus1d10x250gp, three uncommon magic items, one rare item, normal starting equipment
17th+20,000gp plus 1d10x250gp, two uncommon magic items, normal starting equipment20,000gp plus 1d10x250gp, two uncommon magic items, one rare item, normal starting equipment20,000gp plus d10x250gp, three uncommon magic items, two rare items, one very rare item, normal starting equipment

So that’s what they’re saying you should start at. But in theory if you are starting a campaign at level 20 they’re saying that’s what your loadout should be based on this. So for the longest time this is really all we had to judge on where we should stand. But anyway this was starting, i still don’t think it’s a very useful the better barometer is what came out in xanathar’s guide.

Awarding Magic Items 5E

So, the magic items are always prized by the d&d adventures of all sorts and are frequently the main reward in an adventure. Al though, the biggest rules for the magic items are presented, along with treasure hoard tables, in the chapter 7 of the dungeon master’s guide.

In any case this specific section can expand on those rules by offering you any of the alternative way of determining which magic items end up in a character’s possession and also by adding the collection of common magic items to a game. The section may ends with tables which group magic items according to their rarity.

Al though, a system in the dungeon master’s guide has been designed so that you could generate all the treasure in a random way, and also the tables shall govern the number of magic items the characters receive. In short, the tables do their work.

But the dungeon master who’s designing or else modifying an adventure may prefer to be chose the magic items that usually come into play. However if you’re in that specific situation, you can easily use some specified rules in this section for personalize your treasure hoards while it is actually staying within the game’s limits for how many items a character must ultimately accumulate.

Distribution By Rarity

In any case this particular alternative method of treasure determination focuses upon selecting magic items that are based on their rarity, rather than simply by rolling upon the tables in the dungeon master’s guide book. However this specific method shall use two tables, such as; magic items awarded by tier and magic items awarded by rarity.

By Tier

In any ways, usually the magic items that are awarded by tier table shows a number of magic items a d&d party specifically gains at the time of a campaign, culminating in the group’s that are having accumulated one hundred magic items by the 20th level.

Even though you can see the table which shows how many of those items are meant to be handed out during each of its four tiers of play. The emphasis on characters that are receiving more items during the second tier (level 5-10) than in other tiers is by design.

Of course the second tier is where many of the play occurs in a typical d&d campaign and however the items that are gained in that tier prepare a character for higher-level adventures.

By Rarity

Here the magic items that are awarded by rarity table shall take the numbers from the magic items awarded by a tier table and also breaks them down in order to show a number of items of each rarity the characters are being expected to have when they would reach an end of a tier.

Minor and Major Items

However both of these tables in this section shall make a distinction in between the minor and major magic items. In any case this distinction exists in the dungeon master’s guide, yet those terms ain’t used there. In that particular book, those minor items are existed on magic item tables A through E, And also the major items are on magic item tables F through I.

As you could see from the treasure hoard table in that book, the major magic items are meant to be handed out most less frequently than the minor items, ever at higher levels of play. Here you can see what level should dnd characters get magic items?

Magic Items Awarded by Tier

Character LevelMinor ItemsMajor ItemsAll Items

Choosing Items Level by Level

Have you understood at what level do you get magic items in 5e? so here is our answer. You decide whenever to place an item into an adventure which you’re creating or modifying, just because of you think the story calls for a magic item, however the characters need one, or else the players will be especially pleased to get one.

Whenever you would like to select an item as the treasure for an encounter, al though the magic items are awarded by the rarity table serves as your item budget. In the future, if you would choose an item of a rarity which is not available in the current tier but it is still available within a lower tier, you have to deduct the item from a lower tier.

Suppose, if all of the lower tiers are also have no items been available of the glaven rarity. You can deduct the item from a higher tier. You can check the below table.

———–Minor Magic Items—————                     —————-Major Magic Items———-

Level/CRCommonUncommonRareVery RareLegendaryUncommonRareVery RareLegendary

Choosing Items Piecemeal

Suppose, if you’d prefer a more free-form method of selecting any magic items, then you have to simply select each of the magic item that you would like to give out; of course then, whenever the characters acquire one, you have to deduct it from specific Magic Items Awarded by Rarity table within your notes.

Even though, whenever you do so, you have to start with the lowest tier, and then deduct the item from a first number you’ve come across in an appropriate rarity column for an item, it doesn’t matter whether it is minor or major.

Suppose, if that particular tier does not have a number which is greater than 0 for that rarity, and also go up a tier until unless you would find one that does, and also deduct the magic item from that number. In any case, following this procedure, you shall be zero out each row of a table in the order, probably going from the lowest levels to the highest.

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